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Turns out Homestar Runner isn't just for your computer. Here's a bunch of appearances and references from the television!



In a season five episode of Angel entitled The Girl in Question, Spike and Angel visited Buffy's apartment and instead found Andrew, who was wearing a black Strong Bad t-shirt. Later in the episode, Andrew wore the same Strong Bad shirt with a pore strip plastered on his nose.

Incidentally, Andrew is the very same character who appeared in the Trogdor-laden Buffy reference. Since both shows are the brainchildren of creator/writer/executive director Joss Whedon, we can probably assume that the creator of Buffy is also a fan of Homestar Runner.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Trogdor vs. Scoobies

In the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Ep. 722) Trogdor was used as a creature in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.


GILES: I'm — I'm — I'm all turned around. You're here?
XANDER: By the pillar, yeah. I'm protecting this area.
GILES: That puts me over by the door. Demons around the perimeter. Right! I open the door.
{Pan over to show Andrew is also at the table, but he's wearing a red hooded cloak.}
ANDREW: {reading from a book} You go through the door and are confronted by Trogdor the Burninator.
GILES: Oh, bugger it. Fight. {rolls dice, sips wine}
ANDREW: Adios to 5 hit points. Trogdor has badly wounded you.
GILES: Well, wait a minute. What about my... {puts on glasses} bag of illusions?
ANDREW: {scoffs} Illusions against a Burninator? Silly, silly British man. {Giles sips his wine again.}
AMANDA: I invoke a time flux on Trogdor.
ANDREW: {looks at Amanda} Step down, girlfriend, you can't just —
AMANDA: Ninth level sorcerer, and I carry the emerald chalice. Trogdor is frozen in time. Deal with it.

Attack of the Show!

On the May 24, 2005 episode of G4's Attack of the Show! Kevin Pereira, a host, mentions Peasant's Quest.

On the July 6, 2005 episode of Attack of the Show! guest host Tom Fulp, creator of, was wearing a Homsar shirt.

On the July 12, 2005 episode of Attack of the Show! Kevin Pereira commented on a dragon tattoo saying that "It's almost Trogdor."

On the July 20, 2005 episode of Attack of the Show! Kevin Pereira mentioned that "the robots cannot beat the Trogdor."

The Andy Milonakis Show

On one episode Andy makes an awkward play named "MOOOOOOOOON!" This is said like the soy sauce drunk Strong Bad in personal favorites. The video for "MOOOOOOOOOOON!" can be found here


On one episode of Cheat on G4TechTV, they mentioned that if you use the random name generator enough times in the XBox game "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic," Homsar's name will be generated.

CNN Student News

On the December 15, 2004 edition of CNN Student News, a short news magazine on CNN Headline news, they had a clip of a soldier in Iraq receiving a Kick the Cheat toy for Christmas.


On the March 12th episode of d'FUSED, a segment on Red Vs. Blue showed the cast of Homestar Runner in their real-world, plastic figurine state atop the preview monitor for a Red Vs. Blue episode.


This tech review show asks viewers to send in their favorite websites, but there were three websites that they did not want people submitting anymore. Homestar was ranked #3 with 166 submissions, Red vs. Blue was #2, and Runescape was #1

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

This speaks for itself.

During the episode "Bloo's Brothers" a Bloo clone that looks freakishly similar to Homestar appears very briefly.

The ending of the episode "A Sight For Sore Eyes" is very similar to Old Intro 2.

In the episode "Bye Bye Nerdy", Bloo pulls off a jump similar to that in stunt double and dangeresque 3 by Strong Bad as the title character.

One point in the Episode "Imposter's Home For Um...Make 'Em Up Pals," Goofball John McGee and the imaginary friends are wearing shirts similar to the white-on-black trogdor shirts sold in the Store

At one point in the episode "Squeakerboxxx", Wilt calls the elephant "Harry Elefante", which Strong Bad calls Strong Sad in origins. said this about it:

It also refers to two different items: The first comes from the "Friends" episode "The One That Follows The Super Bowl" in which Ross (David Schwimmer) says that Marcel (his pet monkey) has a favorite toy named "Harry Elefante", and was used in a Strong Bad E-mail entitled "origins" on that refered to Strong Bad's brother, Strong Sad, as "Harry Elefante".

In "Duchess of Wails," there's an orange imaginary friend that looks suspiciously like Trogdor.

In the episode "Bloo Done It," Bloo has a star sticker stuck to his head, and he takes it off and angrily stomps on it, similar to what Homestar does in different town.

In the episode "Frankie, My Dear" Bloo calls the pizza delivery teen "What's your face".

On this episode of on G4, an unnamed person, playing the role of Laura Foy's date, was seen wearing a "Trogdor" shirt. The videoclip, entitled Gamer Dating Do's And Don'ts is now available for viewing at this location.

The Geek Show

On The Geek Show, Strong Bad Emails are frequently shown as an example of "What's funny on the internet." They have played "japanese cartoon", "dullard", "theme party" and "Strong Bad Sings" on their show.

The Life And Times Of Juniper Lee

A certain episode entitled "Not In My Backyard" is based on a benign monster called a "Batoot" named "Hector", whose head and underbite look extremely like Homestar's.


On the television show Junkin', the host "Dave" has appeared wearing Trogdor and Strong Bad T-shirts.

NFL Films: Game of the Week ('05 NFC Divisional Playoff: St. Louis Rams Vs. Atlanta Falcons)

About three-quarters through this hour-long recap of the game, a Falcons' victory, one of the defensive linemen for Atlanta, Patrick Kearny, points to his family in the stands. One of them is holding up a sign that says "GOOD JORB!", an unmistakable reference to Coach Z.

Megas XLR

In an episode called "Breakout", Coop tried to use an attack called Double Deuce by jumping and putting two fists in front of him.

Monster House

In an episode of Monster House called "Sports House," the host Steve is wearing a Strong Bad T-shirt during the introductions. This episode first aired February 2, 2004. In the Christmas House episode, a group of 'carolers' from across the neighborhood sings for the people living in the house. One girl is wearing a Strong Bad T-shirt.


In early 2004 the show Pulse on G4TechTV talked with the Brothers Chaps, and asked them about the new game that they are developing for the Atari 2600. They showed many video clips of their Atari game. The Chaps talked about how they record their voices and how successful they have been. They announced that later this year they are going to release a DVD with the first hundred emails. After the commercial break, the hosts interviewed the company that is developing the Homestar Runner game, Videlectrix, which was really just one of the Brothers Chaps wearing a fake mustache.

The Screen Savers

An episode of The Screen Savers on G4TechTV featured a guest who is making a Homestar Runner RPG for the Atari 2600, which is still in development.

The January 24th episode of The Screen Savers had an interview with The Brothers Chaps. In this episode, puppet Strong Bad made his debut to answer questions from fans. The article also mentions that in order to learn more than one ever thought possible about Homestar Runner, one can head over to the Homestar Runner Wiki.

Survivor: Pearl Islands

When Ryan Shoulders picks up some tree mail (the show's system of getting messages to the castaways), he sings the opening to SB Email techno, singing it as "the tree mail, the tree mail, what, what, the tree mail."

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Leno was showing examples of absurd eBay auctions and having the audience guess whether they sold or not. One of them was a laptop that had been shot with a shotgun. Its subject line said "LIKE USED! SLIGHTLY SHOTGUNNED!" like the tags on the similarly shotgunned Compy at the end of virus. It sold.


In an episode of an alternative-style televison show, "Wondershowzen," a puppet named Chauncey, in one of many skits, informed the number Two that if she didn't stop talking, he would 'Puke his Pants.' Number Two proceeded to leave the screen.


On an episode of G4TechTV's X-Play, the wrestling game "WWE: Day of Reckoning" is reviewed. To demo the "create your own wrestler" mode, the reviewers create a wrestler that looks suspiciously like Strong Bad, and appears to be named "SB".

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