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This template generates the text for the target of a link to the official site. Note that you must put brackets around it for it to return a link.

In most cases, the input for the toon name should be our local article title (and can be left blank if the template is placed on the toon article). If that doesn't work, try inputting the name exactly as it appears on the Toons menu on the official site (making note of any spaces or hyphens that are different from our local title). If that doesn't work, try inputting the portion of the official URL after toons/, keeping in mind there may need to be a slight adjustment due to how {{#urlformat:}} transforms the input (see Help:ParserFunctions).

1 = Toon type:
toon (generic toon) (default)
sbe (Strong Bad Email)
mam (Marzipan's Answering Machine)
tgs (Teen Girl Squad)
2 = Toon name (see above; default: current page name)
3 = Set blank to suppress the HR: (for inclusion on a template that already has it)
Usage examples
Code Output
{{HR|toon|3 Times Halloween Funjob}} HR:toons/3-times-halloween-funjob
[[{{HR|toon|3 Times Halloween Funjob}}]] HR:toons/3-times-halloween-funjob
[[{{HR|toon|3 Times Halloween Funjob}}|watch]] watch
{{HR|sbe|rampage}} HR:sbemails/128-rampage
[[{{HR|sbe|rampage}}]] HR:sbemails/128-rampage
{{HR|mam|Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2}} HR:toons/marzipans-answering-machine-17
[[{{HR|mam|Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2}}]] HR:toons/marzipans-answering-machine-17
{{HR|tgs|Teen Girl Squad Issue 10}} HR:toons/issue-10
[[{{HR|tgs|Teen Girl Squad Issue 10}}]] HR:toons/issue-10
{{HR|toon}} on Cheat Commandos (toon) HR:toons/cheat-commandos
[[{{HR}}|watch]] on Cheat Commandos (toon) watch
{{HR|toon|Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon|}} toons/strong-bad-is-in-jail-cartoon
{{watch|{{HR|toon|Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon|}}}} watch
{{HR||yellodello mark2}} (needs space, not hyphen) HR:toons/yellodello-mark2
[[{{HR||yellodello mark2}}]] (see Help:ParserFunctions) HR:toons/yellodello-mark2

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