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<code>&#123;{extlinks|</code>''filename''<code>|</code>''forum thread id''<code>|action=play}}</code>
<code>&#123;{extlinks|</code>''filename''<code>|</code>''forum thread id''<code>|action=</code>''action''<code>}}</code>
|For pages that you don't watch
|For pages that you don't watch
|{{extlinks|filename|forum thread id|action=play}}
|{{extlinks|filename|forum thread id|action=play}}

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Basic usage

  • {{extlinks|filename|forum thread id}}
    • The forum thread id can be left out, if the toon doesn't have a forum thread.

Other parameters that can be used

Parameter Description Example

{{extlinks|filename|forum thread id|site=Mirror}}

For pages on the HRWiki mirror (any other interwiki prefix can also be used, as long as the URL ends in .html or .swf)

{{extlinks|html filename|forum thread id|swf=swf filename}}

For pages where the Flash file has a different name to the HTML file

{{extlinks|swf filename|forum thread id|nohtml=1}}

For pages where the Flash file has no HTML file

{{extlinks|html filename|forum thread id|noswf=1}}

For pages where the HTML file has no Flash file

{{extlinks|forum=forum thread id}}

For pages with no HTML file or Flash file

{{extlinks|filename|forum thread id|title=title}}

For pages where the toon's name doesn't match the wiki page name

{{extlinks|filename|forum thread id|youtube=YouTube id}}

For YouTube videos

{{extlinks|filename|forum thread id|twitter=Twitter id|d=day|m=month|y=year}}

For Twitter links
If the date parameters are filled in, it will automatically link to the specific Tweet on the wiki

{{extlinks|filename|forum thread id|action=action}}

For pages that you don't watch

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