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13 Feb 2017: Here in Free Country USA, we've got something waaay betterworse than that naked ol' Cupid. Behold! #themakeromancer

12 Feb 2017: Found this horrifying snippet in a rusty film canister in the attic. Thought maybe you guys could ruin your exes' vamlumtimes with it.

27 Dec 2016: @pullahoko Actively Exploding Head Bird Homestar!

27 Dec 2016: YouTube link to 20th anniversary toon: https://youtu.be/l5prB1agTOA (sadly does not feature this scene featuring undies-on-head Strong Bad)

25 Dec 2016: Happy Decemberween! Have a not-Decemberween 20th anniversary cartoon! Hurry and watch before it's not 2016 anymore! http://www.homestarrunner.com/goes4gold.html

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