Tenerence Love

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Tenerence Love
"My name is Tenerence Love!"
Origins Teen Girl Squad Issue 13
Genre(s) R&B, Soul
Members Tenerence Love
Discography "Rap Song" (2007)
"A Sweaty, Overweight Jam" (2008)
"Light Purple Cummerbund" (2009)
Label Crample-O Stow Records

Tenerence Love is an R&B singer whose lyrics primarily consist of introducing himself. He is bald with an orange goatee, overweight, and has a green tongue; he is often seen sweating. He wears a dark purple suit, a black tie and shades. In one part of the Powered by The Cheat video Rap Song, he is seen riding a flying donut, and the email love poems features his "sweaty overweight jam". He is also mentioned in Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 as a guest star on Peacey P's new album Deliberance.

He is likely a parody of such artists as Solomon Burke or Barry White, both of whom were noted for their obesity.



Rap Song (guest star, with Peacey P)

My name is Tenerence Love,
Plus my name is Tenerence Love,
Divided by my name is Tenerence Love,
Equals my name is Tenaaay-erence Love!
Remainder three!

A Sweaty, Overweight Jam: Simma Down Girl

  • Director: The Cheat
  • Lyrics:
This is Tenerence Love with a sweaty overweight jam!
My name is Tenerence Love with a sweaty overweight ham!
It may be five pounds, ten pounds, twenty pounds,
just a little bit overweight, now welcome, girl, to sweaty town!

Light Purple Cummerbund (sung by a cardboard cutout of Tenerence Love)

  • Lyrics:
Light purple cummerbund,
You know you're my only one!
Don't need no date to the prom
'Cause I got a light purple cummerbund on


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