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==Complete Filmography==
==Complete Filmography==
*'''Debut:''' [[Super Nes]]
*'''Debut:''' [[Super NES]]
*[[In Search of the Yello Dello]]
*[[In Search of the Yello Dello]]
*[[A Jorb Well Done]]
*[[A Jorb Well Done]]

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Peg Strong Sad in the athletic field.
"And The Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club."

The Athletic Field is the area of the Field where many crazy sports are played in Free Country, USA. There is a scoreboard, but instead of field goal posts, there are basketball hoops. Sometimes the field is painted like an American football field (although the numbers on the yard lines are incorrect and out of sequence), and sometimes it looks more like an association football (soccer) field. Some games played here include Peg Strong Sad and some kind of sport where you "hit stuff with a golf club" (see mascot). The Athletic Field has a climbing rope, which is apparently held up by Homsar, although what holds up Homsar, if anything, is not shown.

Here's what Strong Bad has to say about the athletic field: "What the crap kind of freaked-up sport are you guys playing anyway? I mean, you're on a football field, but you've got a basketball goal, and basketballs and footballs..."

Complete Filmography

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