The Barbershop Trio

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The Barbershop Trio
The Barbershop Trio in action
Origins Free Country, USA
Genre(s) Barbershop
Members Names unknown
Discography Ballad of the Sneak (1936), Several Syncopations Tonight (presumably 1936)
Producer Unknown

The Barbershop Trio is a group of three identical gentlemen who perform the Old-Timey version of The Cheat Theme Song, "The Ballad of The Sneak", as well as "Several Syncopations Tonight" (although the song's real name is unknown). They resemble The Announcer and are likely his Old-Timey counterpart(s), with the only difference in appearance being their straw boaters. Their voices are provided by members of DaVinci's Notebook. It is interesting to note that barbershop music is almost always written for four different voices, and without a fourth voice, this barbershop trio cannot complete the integral musical chord associated with barbershop, the dominant seventh. Therefore, The Brothers Chaps have technically failed to properly represent a Dixieland/Barbershop group in their cartoons.


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