The Best Decemberween Ever

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A little Charlie Brown tribute

Homestar asks around trying to figure out the perfect Decemberween present for Strong Bad.

Features: Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Marzipan, Strong Sad, Coach Z, Bubs, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Pom Pom, The Poopsmith, The King of Town

Page Title: Sposored by Dolly Madison!



{"SPECIAL" logo appears on the screen and spins a few times as we zoom in on it. As this happens, it turns from blue to pink.}

{A calendar shows up, tacked to a wall. Red "X's" mark out days on the calendar. The calendar dates turn to the credits. Music plays.}

{Music still plays. Homestar walks out of his house in a brown hat. He makes snow-prints in the snow. It is snowing outside. He walks up to a brick wall and stands beside Strong Sad, who is leaning on it.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Breathing, breath is visible} Uhh... Uhh... {long silence} Uhhhh...

STRONG SAD: What's the matter, Homestar?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Surprised} Oh! Strong Sad! I can't decide what to get Strong Bad for Decemberween.

STRONG SAD: Uh... What do you mean?


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, I know he's kind of a jerk sometimes, and he says "holy crap" a lot, but I think if I get him the perfect present, he just might like me again.

{Strong Sad close-up}

STRONG SAD: What? People get presents for Decemberween? I always just get locked in the bathtub!

{Back out from Strong Sad}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh... right. Uh... I gotta go. {Homestar runs off quickly.}

{Cuts to Coach Z and Homestar walking in front of a bunch of Christmas trees.}

COACH Z : Well, Homestar, I'll tell ya'. Buying a Decemberween present for Strong Bad is like a great sports play.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let me guess... I can't just rush into the score zone.

COACH Z: Hey, that's right!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Coach! That's your answer for everything!

COACH Z: Oh. {Silence, then Coach Z holds up some mouth-wash.} Mouth-warsh?

{Cuts to Homestar and Marzipan in Marzipan's house. She is drawing protest signs as they talk.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER:...and then he said it was like a great sports play. And I didn't even think that applies to this situation.

MARZIPAN: That's great, Homestar. Why don't you just get him a shirt? He dosn't seem to have very many of those.

{Zooms to Homestar}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, I'm pretty sure he just enjoys going topless.

{Zooms back out}

MARZIPAN: Well, you could get him a sponge, or a jews harp, or you could make some him some Chex party mix...

{Zooms to Homestar again}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No way, those are terrible ideas. {Zooms to Homestars face again} {Laughing} Like, I don't even want to see what you got me this year. {Chuckles.}

{Back out}

MARZIPAN: {Mad, she turns to Homestar} Why don't you go bother someone else?!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Now that's a good idea!

{Music plays. Silhouette of Homestar walking along a bunch of snow-covered trees. They sway back and forth.}

{Homestar walks over to Bubs Concession Stand. He has a bunch of lights and holiday decorations.}

BUBS: Hey there Homestar, what can I do for you on this fine holiday?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I can't find a freakin' present for Strong Bad.

BUBS: Well, you know what Coach Z says...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: { Zooms to Homestar, who leans back } {Annoyed} Yes, I know! I know!

BUBS: Oh, well, take a look around. I got all types of crazy crap!

{Homestar pulls up an old NES "Tag Team Wrestling" Video game.}


{ He throws it behind him. Pulls out gold, sparkling gloves with cursive letters "SB".}


{Throws that behind him. Pulls out Strong Sad voodoo doll with pins sticking in it.}

Uh... are you allowed to sell this?

{ Throws that back. Pulls out a poster that says "Framton Comes Alive!" with an autograph by Peter Frampton..}


{Silhouette of Bubs Concession Stand with Homestar standing in front of it. All the stuff Homestar threw back is laying in a pile.}

That's it! This is the perfect present!

{Cuts to all the gang standing around exchanging gifts.}

{The Cheat opens a gift to see it explode in his face. It blows his hair back and he is all black.}

MARZIPAN: {Opening a gift, which comes out to be a Coach Z scratch n' sniff calendar.} Coach Z, this is nasty.

COACH Z: That's okay. Smell October!

{Slides to Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: Okay, let's see what we got from Homestar here...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Open it! Open it! That one's from me. It took forever to find it!

STRONG BAD: { Opens gift to find it a Deep Impact DVD} What!? The Deep Impact DVD! You got me this for like the last three years, man!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I know! And you liked it so much, I decided to get it for you again!

STRONG BAD: Oh, man!

HOMESTAR RUNNER:This is the best Decemberween ever!

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} This is the worst Decemberween ever!

ALL: {Singing to the tune of "O' Christmas Tree"} Decemberween, Decemberween, you're fifty-five days after Halloween.

MARZIPAN: With bunnies running for their lives,

KING OF TOWN: {holding up a bunny on a plate} I wish this one was super-sized!

ALL: Decemberween, Decemberween, you're fifty-five days after Halloween!

STRONG SAD: {enters from right} What are you guys talking about?

STRONG BAD: Hey who the crap let Strong Sad out?

ALL: Decemberween, Decemberween, you're fifty-five days after Halloween!

BUBS: I've got all types of crazy crap!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I bought Strong Bad a Deep Impact!

ALL: Decemberween, Decemberween

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Coach Z's been drinking Listerine!

{Music cuts out and Coach Z falls into the snow.}

Easter Eggs

  • When Homestar is talking to Bubs at his concession stand, you can remove some of the christmas lights and move them around.

Fun Facts

  • On Bubs' consession stand, the lights look like the the lights from the Astro Lite Game.
  • The introduction, with the spinning Special logo and sound effect, are a reference to the logo and sound that CBS used to preface their specials.
  • The beginning of the toon, with Homestar walking out of the house and along the low brick wall, is a reference to the "Peanuts" cartoons by Charles Schulz, which had the exact same backdrop. Strong Sad plays the part of Linus and Homestar plays the part of Charlie Brown. It also pays homage at the end, when all the cast gets together and sings a song (which the Peanuts always did in their holiday specials). This may in fact be well-deserved kudos to the recently deceased Charles Schulz at the time.
  • The signs on the trees are as follows, respectively:

-3% APR!!!
-The Decemberator 2000
-Zero Down!
-Cheap as Free
-buy me! i'm awesome
-No You're not. I am

  • Among the items Homestar finds at Bubs' is a copy of the NES game Tag Team Wrestling. The game's teams were called "The Ricky Fighters" and "The Strong Bads". Obviously, this game is where Strong Bad got his name from.
  • The oven mitts are a reference to The Yello Dello, as well as Coach Z's quote: "Well Homestar, I tell ya, Buying a Decemberween present for Strong Bad is like a great sports play."
  • Strong Bad is known to like Frampton as seen in making out and the Homestar Talker Main Page.
  • The Cheat's Head Exploding is a running gag.
  • The title of this 'toon is based on the book, "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", by Barbara Robinson. The plot has nothing in common except for the holiday theme, of course.

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