The Garage

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Duct Tape fixes everything.

The Garage is a location where Bubs fixes things. There seems to be only Duct Tape and a hammer to work with. The presence of the No Loafing Sign suggested that Strong Bad's computer desk might be located in the garage, but The Brothers Chaps dismissed this as being an inconsistency on their part. Bubs's "Datum Center", where he keeps his internet servers for his only customer Strong Bad, is located in the garage.


  • Debut: Email 12:00 — Bubs fixes Strong Bad's VCR from blinking "12:00."
  • Email your friends — Strong Bad smashes Bubs over the head with a gold record.
  • Email isp — Bubs's Datum Center, "where the magic happens".
  • Email coloringThe Cheat works on some laser lemons.
  • Email looking old — The Garage stores many "eStrong" boxes.
  • DNA EvidenceStrong Sad interrogates Bubs about the DNA Evidence.
  • AccentCoach Z tries to help Strong Bad get his old Mexican accent back by rubbing sandpaper against his neck.
  • Email no loafing The other room with a No Loafing sign, & a muffler.
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