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==Complete Filmography==
==Complete Filmography==
*'''Debut:''' "[[Original Book|The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest]]"
*'''Debut:''' "[[Original Book]]"
*Email [[kids' book]] (Easter egg)
*Email [[kids' book]] (Easter egg)
*[[Main Page 20]] - Bee only.
*[[Main Page 20]] - Bee only.

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Riding a bee

The Grape Fairie is a character within the Homestar Runner storybook world. The Grape Fairie is aptly named due to the fact that, in her first appearance, she bestowed 20 grapes upon a group of participants in an endurance contest.

She rides a bee, and usually plays important roles in contests in the Storybook realm.

Complete Filmography

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