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Grape fairie

The Grape Fairie is a character within the Homestar Runner storybook world. The Grape Fairie is aptly named due to the fact that, in his first appearance, he bestowed 20 grapes upon a group of participants in an endurance contest while riding the Fat Bee.

The Grape Fairie's body is a grape, and he carries a wand with a grape attached to it. He wears a white miniskirt and a crown, but despite his appearance, the Grape Fairie is apparently male, as revealed in Strongest Man in the World, in which he speaks with a very gruff Bronx accent and sports a five-o'-clock shadow when his mouth is visible. (After he finishes speaking, his mouth disappears and the stubble goes with it.)

The Grape Fairie's aunt was apparently given the Golbol by Mookie Wilson in 1974.


Character Evolution

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Original design 1996 Original Book; Strumstar Hammer (kids' book Easter egg); Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold N/A
The current design 2006 Strongest Man in the World His eyes are thicker; his grape body is darker, more defined, and more shiny; and he has gained stubble. His outline is no longer black.
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