The House That Gave Sucky Tricks

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Not to be confused with The House That Gave Sucky Treats.

Homestar's lame haunted house inspires Strong Bad to make his own lame haunted house.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Mad, Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, The Rocoulm, Marzipan, King of Town, The Poopsmith, Homsar, The Knight, Strong Sad, The Ugly One, Coach Z, Bubs, Cheerleader, The Sad Kids, Pom Pom

See The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Costumes for more information on what everyone was wearing.

Date: Thursday, October 29, 2015

Running Time: 5:30 (TV Time Toons Menu), 8:12 (YouTube)

Page Title: St. Cadaverstump's Home for Wayward Sbemails



{We begin at Homestar's house. Ukulele music plays. Show a tennis racket with a grey wig, googly eyes, and fangs drawn on a Post-It note. }

{Cut to more Halloween "decorations": an exercise bike with "Boo" taped on the handlebars, empty picture frames with ketchup and mustard splatters, a ghost on Homestar's cow lamp, and his clock showing 666. }

{Cut to Strong Mad, Strong Bad, and The Cheat }


STRONG BAD: Boy, you said it Strong Mad. This is the lamest haunted house ever. {looks down} My pants haven't entertained the thought of peeing themselves even once.


{Shoes fall down from the ceiling}

STRONG BAD: {bored} Really? Spooky shoes?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, no. Scary shoes. Spooky shoes are the next room.

STRONG BAD: Homestar, your haunted house is even worse than normal this year. {poking spear at Homestar} You ever think of using any actual Halloween decorations?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, Marzipan only let me use stuff from the Goodwill donations pile. Incomplete jigsaw puzzle!


{The Cheat runs and hides behind Strong Mad}

STRONG BAD: This place is a disgrace to haunted houses, haunted hovels, haunted timeshares, and haunted extended stay motels even. Why, if I had a haunted house, I think it would turn out a little something... like the following {echoes} cartoon!

STRONG BAD: Welcome to St. Cadaverstump's totally not just an old furniture warehouse morgue-tuary!

ANNOUNCER: Open weeknights in October. Located just off I-20.

STRONG BAD: The first room would come out swingin', with everybody's favorite jibblies painting, The Jibblies Painting!

{The lights turn on revealing the Jibblies Painting. The music from Jibblies 2 begins}

HORRIBLE PAINTING: Come on in here!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, yeah. We've all heard that before. But in order to take it to the next level, my haunted house would have a horrible painting of {thunder claps and lightning flashes} somebody's dad!

NEW JIBBLIES PAINTING: Uh, hey, hey, hey, hey. Well, come on in here!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {scared} Why is he wearing cycling gear? He's not even that serious about riding!

NEW JIBBLIES PAINTING: Hey, I can do a 220 in 4:45.


STRONG BAD: Then there would be... the gross out room. But instead of severed limbs and surgeries gone wrong...


STRONG BAD: It's just a silent white room filled with pure stench. And, oh, ho, ho. What a stench it is! Let me lay it on you like a movie trailer.

{Marzipan puffs up her cheeks like she's about to throw up}

{Dramatic music plays. Words appear on a red background as Strong Bad says them.}

STRONG BAD: Strong Mad! Oyster! Smoothie! Breath! Caked! Armpit! Latte!

MARZIPAN: Strong Bad, you know the words in that sequence are illegal. Arrest him King of Town!

KING OF TOWN: Keep piling up that smell, Poopsmith! Wait, I can arrest people?

MARZIPAN: I think so, I mean you're allowed to execute people, right?

KING OF TOWN: Do the words 'doo hoo hoo' mean anything to you?

{Cut to the King of Town's castle. We see Homsar and the Knight standing next to a guillotine}

HOMSAR: AaAaAaAaAaAaA! This has been a supreme fish delight!

{Homsar puts his head in the guillotine. Just as the blade comes down, the scene cuts to a poster for the next room.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh! There'd also be one of those immersive horror experience rooms that are so popular these days

STRONG SAD: OK. Gotta logic this out.

{Close-up of the vault door giving off a white flash}

STRONG SAD: Open the vault...

{Cut to the timer showing five minutes}

STRONG SAD: ...before time runs out.

{Cut to a red skeleton in a cage, pointing at something}

STRONG SAD: Skeleton's pointing at a clue.

{Cut back to Strong Sad}

STRONG SAD: Am I on the right track?

STRONG BAD: Now, just reach in the toilet. I just want you to reach in the toilet.

STRONG SAD: It's pointing at the toilet.

STRONG BAD: It's full of poop.

STRONG SAD: But that's just misdirection.

STRONG BAD: I just want you to touch the poop.

STRONG SAD: They want me to think I should reach in the toilet.

STRONG BAD: No! I do want you to reach in the toilet! That is all that I want you to do!

STRONG SAD: It's too easy.

STRONG BAD: Touch the poop!

STRONG SAD: But I know better!

STRONG BAD: Touch the freakin' poop!

{Strong Bad falls out of his chair}

STRONG BAD: Most horror stuff is pretty obvious.

{The Ugly One is walking down the street}

STRONG BAD: Like, of course it's terrifying to get disemjowel'd with a lunatic with a machete.

{A Teen Girl Squad version of Strong Sad pops up on the bottom right}

STRONG SAD: Machété!

STRONG BAD: Shut up! But I think people are ready for the more subtle terror of...

{Cut to Coach Z and Bubs standing in a room with torn pink striped wallpaper}

STRONG BAD: Two star bed and breakfast!

COACH Z: It's somehow worse than if it only got one star!

BUBS: Dry scrambled eggs? Questionable hairs on the antimacassar?

STRONG SAD: Antimacassar!

BUBS: Shut up!

COACH Z: Failed terlet paper rose! What kind of inhuman monsters would run a place like this?

SHUT UP LADY: Oh, it's so charming!

COACH Z AND BUBS: Shut up, lady!

STRONG BAD: Nowadays, everybody's tired of the same old evil clowns, undead cheerleaders, and all those bloody-eyed found footage children.


THE SAD BOY: Sequels.

STRONG BAD: But for my haunted house, I will unleash an entirely new horror icon! Say hello to the new face of terror! Large bean!

STRONG BAD: Come on, anybody? Don't you think that Large Bean is unsettling?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And next on our tour, if you'll all please gather around. Fill in all available space please. We have a prime specimen of large bean.

STRONG BAD: Wait. What, what the crap is this?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Other varieties include, small bean.

STRONG BAD: Stop it!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Extra large bean.

STRONG BAD: This is not a science museum!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And, of course my favorite... teenie weenie beanie.

STRONG BAD: You do not call large bean 'teenie weenie beanie'!

STRONG SAD: I sure hope they sell large bean plush dolls in the museum gift shop!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think you might be pleasantly surprised, young scholar!

STRONG BAD: Shut up! Large bean will eat your soul! He'll eat all your souls!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Wow Strong Bad, the spooky shoes room really effected you this year, huh?

STRONG BAD: I thought this was the scary shoes room?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, right. Close your eyes.


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Open 'em. You're in the spooky shoes room now.

STRONG BAD: Uh. You were right Strong Mad. This Halloween's not working.

NARRATOR: When nights are chill and filled with doom, again will rise the cursed legume. So if you're out on Hallowe'en, beware the wrath of Largest Bean! Ah ha ha ha!

STRONG BAD: See? This guy respects Large Bean.

NARRATOR: I'm sorry Strong Bad. I... I can't get behind Large Bean.

Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on Coach Z.
COACH Z: {switching costumes every time he says alright} All right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, now ladies!
COACH Z: {dejected} All right...
  • At the end, click on Strong Bad.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad! You got it this year!
STRONG BAD: What do I got?
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Best Tropical Beetlejuice costume ever worn by man or beast!
STRONG BAD: No! I'm- I'm Diamond Dave!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah! {imitating David Lee Roth} HA-BO-DE-BO-DAH
  • At the end, click on Homestar Runner.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'll be taking these Huggies and, uh... Whatever cash you got.
BUBS: Son, you got a panty on your head.
  • At the end, click on Bubs
BUBS: We'll be right back with more...stuff! {begins dancing, changing dance moves in rhythm with Homestar's singing}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Dooo de doo do do booo de doo do do!
  • At the end, click on Strong Mad.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, Strong Mad, I really-really like your, hey Strong Mad-
STRONG MAD: {The toon begins to play faster and a progress bar is shown, with it getting faster with every "Hup Up"} HUP UP! HUP UP! HUP UP!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: I really like your skipping commercials costume
  • At the end, click on Pom Pom.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, so you're not dead, Pom Pom. That's pretty great. What's that guy's name again? Franklin? Spalding? Jon Voight? Maybe a little bit?
  • At the end, click on The Poopsmith.
STRONG BAD: I WILL KILL HIM! {The Poopsmith raises his hands} If he doesn't put on some more clothes. Eugh. Molded plastic panties.
  • At the end, click on The King of Town.
STRONG BAD: King of Town, that is an actual costume, right? You didn't just get out of, what I can only assume, is a bath for you?
KING OF TOWN: No; I mean something! I'm important!
  • At the end, click on The Cheat.
STRONG BAD: Hey, The Cheat. Aren't you worried that the KOT will try to eat you?
KING OF TOWN: No, no, no, I'm more of a Cookie Puss man myself. Fudgie the whale always made me a little fudgie...
STRONG BAD: You say no more word talk!
  • At the end, click on Marzipan.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Marzipan, I thought you dressed up as that guy a few years ago.
MARZIPAN: Homestar, I dressed up as Prince that year.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Right, right. The prince of pop.
KING OF TOWN: No, the king of pop!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ohhh, the kid is not his son.
  • At the end, click on the moon.
{cut to a shot with an orange inner frame and a white outer frame and a torn disposable coffee cup, dripping with coffee, and corn and pumpkin decor in the background}
ANNOUNCER: From the makers of Hot Jones and Hot Pooey, comes the Strong Mad Oyster Smoothie Breath Caked Armpit Latte! {A speech bubble forms from the cup, reading what the Announcer says} Oh my sweet Jennifer, there's no coming back from this one.

Fun Facts


  • The name of this toon is based on The House That Gave Sucky Treats, and a pun on the phrase, 'Trick or treat'.
  • This the first Halloween toon Homsar appears without activating an Easter egg.
  • This is the first Halloween toon not to include a main character other than Homsar (specifically, Pom Pom) outside the final scene.
  • This is the first time Homestar really liked someone's costume while correctly identifying it.
  • This is the first Halloween toon that features a character switching costumes as well as a character switching costumes while still dressed as who they are supposed to be (specifically, Coach Z as André 3000 as each member of fictional band "The Love Below").


  • In some scenes, the colors on Strong Bad's face switch sides.
  • Sometime after being initially released, the toon was removed from the TV Time Toons Menu and the Main Page Messages.
  • When Homestar is talking about the scary painting dad, part of the animation for his lip doesn't move as he talks

Inside References

  • In Pom Pom's Easter egg, Homestar makes references to the previous year's Halloween toon, where he had "killed" Pom Pom by popping him. (Perhaps keeping with the theme, Pom Pom did not appear in the cartoon itself.)
  • In Strong Mad's Easter egg, the song Homestar was singing first appeared in the teaser for this toon.
  • Coach Z had considered dressing as André 3000 for Halloween in Halloween Fairstival.
  • In Marzipan's Easter egg, Homestar references when she dressed up as Prince in Jibblies 2.
  • In Strong Bad's Easter egg, Homestar references when he dressed up as Beetlejuice in Jibblies 2. This is similar to how, in Happy Hallow-Day, he mistook Strong Bad for "Evil Carmen Sandiego", when Strong Bad really dressed as Carmen Sandiego in The House That Gave Sucky Treats.
  • The Knight is dressed as an Astropop, one of the treats available in The House That Gave Sucky Treats.
    • This is also the second time The Knight has been featured in a Halloween toon.
  • The Strong Mad Oyster Smoothie Breath Caked Armpit Latte featured in the Easter Egg is another example of Real Live Foods.
  • The Armpit Latte is from the makers of Hot Jones and Hot Pooey, both of which previously appeared in A Decemberween Mackerel, in a similar Easter egg.

Real-World References

  • Goodwill Industries is an American nonprofit organization.
  • Michael Jackson was a musician, known as the "King of Pop". Marzipan's mention of her dressing up as Prince connects towards Jackson, as they were rivals in the eighties.
    • "The kid is not his son" references the Jackson song "Billie Jean", which was released in 1982 off his album Thriller.
  • As Strong Bad mentions found footage movies, the Sad Kids mention the sequel counts, which could be a reference to the found footage film franchise, Paranormal Activity.
  • The narrator at the end, as well as his rhyming cadence and the background organ music, is a reference to the Ghost Host of Disney's Haunted Mansion.
  • When Coach Z repeats "All right" in his Easter egg, he is referring to the song, Hey Ya! by Outkast.
  • Although Homestar refers to actor Jon Voight in his listing of names for Wilson the volleyball, he was likely actually referring to the Voit sporting goods company, which makes various athletic equipment.
    • Franklin and Spalding are also names of sporting goods companies.
  • Cookie Puss, like Fudgie the Whale, is a mascot of the Carvel ice cream store chain.
  • Bubs's Easter egg features two direct references to The Gong Show.
    • Chuck Barris, the host of the show and the inspiration for Bubs's costume, would always throw to commercial saying "We'll be right back with more...stuff!"
    • The song Homestar hums is "Jumpin' at the Woodside", a Count Basie tune which was the theme song for Gong Show regular Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.
  • Strong Bad sets up a room where he wants Strong Sad to "logic out" the clues. This is based on Race to Escape, a game show on The Science Channel.
  • Strong Bad's haunted house is located just off I-20, which runs right through Atlanta.

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