The Keepers of Trogdor

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As shown in the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer

The Keepers of Trogdor are the guardians that live in the Trog-Cave in Peasant's Quest. They wear green robes with hoods covering their faces, so their appearance is unknown. They are hungry, thirsty and in back pain, respectively. They serve Trogdor. They'll ask you trivia questions about the game, and if you get them right, you will get the Trog-Sword, Trog-Shield, and Trog-Helmet needed to face the Dragon. If you get any of the questions wrong, however, it is impossible to complete the game in the form they turn you into. Alternately, you can placate them with hidden items found by using the Baby in odd ways (a different item for each Keeper, each relating to their respective complaints).

They return in Trogdor!! The Board Game as the player characters. It is revealed that there are at least twelve keepers; Brovelade, Crangolev, Cranjegg, Galgabudge, Hardybardy, Hegeltha, Stonklar, Worchex, and Yubbitz, including the ones made up by Strong Bad; Haunchmasta Prime, Awesabeard the Onesholder, and Skevuldanger. They all have the ability to control Trogdor, and each have individual powers. Their illustrations reveal they each look different, usually with a bird-, lizard-, or troll-like appearance, and occasionally horns or antlers. They all have robes and a Trogdor necklace.

Strong Bad claims that three similar monks guard the secret of his age and bake bread atop the Coches Mountains (albeit wearing brown robes instead of green).

Individual information

  • The First Keeper of Trogdor
    • Gives: Trog-Shield
    • Item used to skip question: Meatball Sub
    • Turns you into: Ron Cumberdale
  • The Second Keeper of Trogdor
    • Gives: Trog-Helmet
    • Item used to skip question: Soda
    • Turns you into: A corny folk singer
  • The Third Keeper of Trogdor
    • Gives: Trog-Sword
    • Item used to skip question: Pills
    • Turns you into: A skeleton

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