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This article is about the short. For the Strong Bad Email from which the show originates, see senior prom.
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"For reals this time!"

In The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show, the King of Town and all his men try to make the Poopsmith smell nice.

Cast (in order of appearance): The King of Town, That Little Chef Guy, The Hornblower, The Cleric, The Blacksmith, The Knight, The Poopsmith, Multi-Function Dragon, Perfume Cloud

Places: The King of Town's Castle

Date: Monday, February 26, 2007

Running Time: 2:54

Page Title: For Reals This Time!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 3



{Open to a dull flat red background with lighter shades in circles going towards the top of the screen. The King of Town's head appears on the screen. As the singers sing, the words "Very Own Popular Cartoon" appear below the King of Town head. The King of Town head moves to the music a little.}

SINGERS: The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show!

{The words "The King of Town's" appear above the King of Town's emblem.}

SINGERS: The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show!

{The word "Quite" is written between "Own" and "Popular", and "Show!!" is inserted after "Cartoon". The music stops.}

THE KING OF TOWN: For reals this time!

{Cut to a stylized King of Town's Castle surrounded by sheep. A segment of the theme tune played on the double bass is heard. A silhouette of The Chef goes to the door and rings the doorbell}

THE KING OF TOWN: Somebody get the door! I'll get it!

{Cut to the inside of the castle, where the King of Town stands by the door. The door opens and reveals The Chef with a pizza box with his face on it.}

THE CHEF: {in a strong accent} Pizza for you... Kingy-ding?

{The King of Town takes the pizza; cut to him.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Thanks, Chef! {pronounces "chef" with a hard CH; closes door hard on The Chef}

{Cut to a long table with The Hornblower, The Cleric, The Blacksmith, and The Knight. A segment of the theme tune played on the piano is heard. The King of Town walks over.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Here ya go, boy-o's! {drops pizza box on table and looks other way} Poopsmith! Pizza's here! Don't forget to forget to wash your hands!

{A stylized Poopsmith walks in, with green clouds surrounding him. The King of Town's eyes pop bigger and his crown pops up and falls back on his head}

THE KING OF TOWN: Woo! What is that reek? {looks at The Poopsmith} The Poopsmith, you smell like a crapsmith. {The Poopsmith hangs his head sadly} Have you tried showering?

{Cut to The Poopsmith, who nods his head. Cut back to King of Town}


{Cut back to The Poopsmith, who nods his head. Cut back to King of Town}

THE KING OF TOWN: Wearing a baseball cap and putting deodorant on outside your shirt?

{Cut to The Poopsmith, who pauses and then nods. Cut back to King of Town}

THE KING OF TOWN: Well, I'm out of ideas. {looks over to the table} Anybody else?

{Cut to the table}

THE KNIGHT: Have you tried...

{Cut to the mountains where The Knight, holding a spear, stands next to The Poopsmith, who is tied to a log stuck in the ground. A dragon looks at both of them. A sign is pointing up to The Dragon reading "multi function dragon"}

THE KNIGHT: {to The Poopsmith} So, I'm gonna set this thing to "sanitize", and it'll burn the stink right off ya!

{The Knight throws his spear at the Dragon's stomach. There are different labels on the Dragon's scales: "pots n pans", "instant death", "sanitize", "puree", and "tumble dry". The spear hits "instant death".}

THE KNIGHT: Ooooooh... {In a mood of regret, then returning to a normal mood} yeah! This is gonna be awesome!

{The Dragon leans back, skull symbols appear on its eyes, and it falls with much force on The Knight, embedding its teeth in the ground. A circle with The Blacksmith inside appears.}

THE BLACKSMITH: Have you tried...

{Wipe to The Blacksmith pouring "Përfüme" in some bellows. He sprays it at The Poopsmith. The perfume goes straight toward the Poopsmith but comes to a screeching halt at the clouds of stink and goes back a bit.}

PERFUME BALL: Ooooh! Ooh! I've lived a terrible life! I was a horrible husband and father! I watched too much sports! WOOAAAAHHHH!

{The perfume puffs out into several clouds and disintegrates. A circle with The Cleric inside appears.}

THE CLERIC: Have you tried...

{Cut to a church like scene. The Cleric is holding up a scroll.}

THE CLERIC: I now pronounce you man and pleasant odor!

{Cut to The Poopsmith, who is wearing a bowtie, standing next to a bouquet of roses. The Hornblower starts playing Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" with his horn. The Poopsmith kisses the flowers, which keel over and turn brown, along with the horn, distorting the song. The Hornblower becomes annoyed. A circle containing The King of Town appears.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Have you tried...

{Wipe of The Blacksmith and The King of Town, throwing a football in the air.}

THE KING OF TOWN: A little tackle football? Me and The Blacksmith {zoom out to reveal a shower next to The Poopsmith} versus The Poopsmith and that shower! {The Poopsmith and The Blacksmith get ready} Hut one, hut two, and a hike!

{The Blacksmith rushes forward and tackles the shower while The King of Town and The Poopsmith look on.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Uh, way to protect this house, but uh... that wasn't really what I had in mind.

{Cut to the inside of the castle where The King of Town stands with everyone but The Poopsmith. A few bars of the theme tune is heard. The Poopsmith's Whatsit pile is visible outside.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Well, beezos, I hoped it wouldn't come to this, but there's only one thing left to do!

{Cut to the mountains, where everyone flies through the air while music plays.}

SINGERS: {singing} Jumping fun!
You're jumping through the air.
Jumping fun!

{The King and his men all fall toward the pile of whatsit. Freeze-frame just before they all hit the pile, then fade through white to the table, where everybody is covered in whatsit, has odor clouds and is eating pizza.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Well, you know what I always say, "If you can't beat make The Poopsmith smell good, join... beat make The Poopsmith smell good!" Right? Everybody?

{Inset to The Poopsmith while more of the jump music plays. The Poopsmith gives a "thumbs up sign"}

SINGERS: {singing} Jumping fun!

{The scene zooms out to The Dragon rotting in front of the castle, complete with flies.}

THE KING OF TOWN: {voiceover} Whoo! Did I say Crapsmith? I shoulda said rotting-Dragon-smith! That is ripe!

{The screen dims and the word "end." appears along with a "back." button}

Fun Facts


Original title card
  • The animation style is much more loosely stylized than it was in the teaser at the beginning of senior prom. Also, the background has changed from a reflective red background with horizontal lines to a dull flat red with lighter shades in circles towards the top of the screen.
  • This is the first appearance of That Little Chef Guy and The Cleric since The King of Town DVD.
  • This is the first time The Knight and The Cleric have spoken in a cartoon. That Little Chef Guy and The Blacksmith previously had very small speaking roles in The King of Town DVD.
  • This is the first time The Hornblower is seen with open eyes.


  • The Cleric is now clad in purple, the traditional color of bishops' vestments in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.
  • While the Blacksmith is spraying the Poopsmith with perfume, there are still sounds of a hammer hitting an anvil in the background even though the anvil is in picture and there is no indication that the Blacksmith has other employees.
  • The Knight is voiced by Mike Chapman.
  • In the last scene, the Chef has a green odor cloud like the Poopsmith, rather than the brown one that the others have.


  • When the Chef comes to the door on the tongue, the tongue's line disappears.
  • When the King of Town answers the door, the chef isn't standing on a tongue.
  • When the Poopsmith is tied to the stake, he no longer has an odor cloud around him.
  • In the last scene, the Hornblower doesn't have an odor cloud around him.
  • When the Blacksmith is pouring perfume into his bellows, some of the perfume pokes through the neck of its container.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Beezos are henchmen of Wart in the NES game Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • The King of Town's line after The Blacksmith's big hit during the football scene is a reference to Under Armour's "Protect This House" advertisements for their line of football performance apparel.

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Strong Bad, Mike Chapman, and Ryan Sterritt)

STRONG BAD: Who allowed this to happen? Who allowed this to happen!?

MIKE: Strong Bad! We— We owed him.

STRONG BAD: We've owed him what?

RYAN: {chuckles}

MIKE: We owed him a cartoon. A very own, quite popular cartoon show.

STRONG BAD: No, but it was the big fake-out, right? {Mike starts to say something} I got him cancelled, 'cause I'm too great.

MIKE: Well, uh, what do you think about the chef here?

STRONG BAD: He's— he's creepier than ever.

MIKE: Do you ever get, uh, pizzas delivered by the chef?

STRONG BAD: No! I would not let that guy near me. {pause} Kingy-ding?

MIKE: What does he call you? The chef.


MIKE: Yeah, does he have a little—

STRONG BAD: Strongy-bong.

MIKE: Strongy-bong?

RYAN: {laughs}



STRONG BAD: And I smack him.

MIKE: Yeah, I can see that.


STRONG BAD: So, why does he l— Why does everyone look so weird and different, The Poopsmith—

MIKE: It's style, Strong Bad! It's called—

STRONG BAD: The Poopsmith looks like he's like a— a, like, middle-aged man.

MIKE: Yeah, he looks—

STRONG BAD: He— he doesn't look like his usual, uh... what do you call them? ...albino self.

RYAN: {stifled laughter}

MIKE: It's style, Strong Bad, trust me.

STRONG BAD: That's your voice, Mike.

MIKE: It is. I was never real happy with that voice.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, me neither.

MIKE: Yeah?


MIKE: You shoulda done it, Strong Bad.


MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: Okay, here I'll redo it. "Oh, I'm dead! Oh, let me out of this dragon's mouth, 'cause I'm—"

MIKE: Um, a little less Strong Bad. A little less Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: {in a higher pitch} "—'cause I'm dead!"

MIKE: Uh, talk to Ryan now, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: Ryan, say something about that puffy cloud of perfume.

RYAN: It's not penetrating... the defense.

STRONG BAD: The— The stink-fense?

RYAN: The stank.

MIKE: That, uh, puffy perfume cloud used to have a face, and looked like a... much more of a human {Ryan laughs} cloud, and we changed it.


STRONG BAD: I'm so bored, you guys, of this cartoon.

RYAN: {laughs} Really?

STRONG BAD: Really bored.


MIKE: But look at this! Football! You like football, don't you? Don't you watch football?

STRONG BAD: {overlapping} I love that blacksmith, man! The Blacksmith— why... {Ryan chuckles} isn't The Blacksmith the star of everything? Of, like, the world. He should be the President, and the Universe, and, uh, André the Giant. {Mike and Ryan laugh} {choking} He shoulda won all the... the high offices.

MIKE: The— André the Giant's not a—


MIKE: —that's not a— he's not an elected official. {Strong Bad starts to say something} "The Giant"— that was just a nickname.

STRONG BAD: No, but it's André the Giant. Who's like— Who's running for André the Giant this year?

RYAN: {stifled laughter}

MIKE: Uh... King Kong Bundy?

STRONG BAD: He'll— he— he can get it. He's a contender.

MIKE: Maybe... One Man Gang?



MIKE: So, they're all covered with dirt, right?

STRONG BAD: No, dude. That's wat-sit.

MIKE: Wat-sit?

RYAN: {laughs}

STRONG BAD: Mm-hmm. Disgusting wat-sit. {pause} That's too bad. I like the skulls in that dragon's eyes, though.

MIKE: I wish I would— I hope that happens to me when I die.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. I want mine— eyes turning to Xs.

RYAN: {laughs}

MIKE: I hope my tongue comes out, too.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. That means you're dead.

MIKE: Right.

Fun Facts

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