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Homestar explains it to everybody
This article is about the DVD toon. For the main character, see The King of Town.

The King of Town DVD is a DVD-style update of an older King of Town cartoon. It includes commentary by Strong Bad, storyboards and the old version. In the toon, the King of Town sends Homestar and Pom Pom to investigate the whereabouts of his sheep.

Cast (in order of appearance): The King of Town, The King of Town's Sheep, The Sheep-Eating Dragon, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, The Blacksmith, The Poopsmith, The Little Chef Guy, The Bishop, The Knight, The Hornblower

Places: King of Town's Castle

Date: 2000



Easter Eggs

  • On the main DVD page, click on the mustache on the shield. After it moves aside, click on the brick that was under it to see the King of Town Intro and Main Page that was used for April 1, 2003.

Fun Facts


  • The colors of the King of Town's crown are reversed compared to his crown's color scheme in all of his subsequent appearances.


KoT's mouth
  • In the commentary, Strong Bad says Homestar never graduated from anything in his life. The position of his tassel, over the right eye, traditionally signifies that a person has not received a degree (yet).
  • In the commentary, Strong Bad saying that Homestar probably can't read is incorrect, for Homestar shows his reading and writing skills in several places, including credit card, anything and 50 emails. Homestar's literacy is also tested in Arcade Game and Cool Things.
  • In the Olde version, we actually see the King of Town's mouth under the moustache when he belches.
  • The storyboards depict the Poopsmith having a speaking part. Apparently, he was originally going to respond to Homestar's question with a simple "Nope". It also shows the second P in Poopsmith crossed out and replaced with an H, indicating that the Brothers Chaps may have initially renamed him the "Poohsmith", but this name isn't used anywhere else, suggesting the consideration to rename the character "Poohsmith" was abandoned altogether.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The DVD menu theme is reminiscent of the theme from the King's Quest games.

DVD Contents

DVD Menu

New Version


New Version with Commentary

Olde Version

Everything Else Vol. 2 Version

  • On the Olde Version, switch the audio to hear commentary from Matt & Mike.
  • The King of Town's Answering Machine scene from the Commentary has been removed from the commentary and is an Easter Egg on The King of Town DVD menu.
  • The Storyboard now has commentary from Matt & Mike.
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