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Scribbled-down storyboards of the [[The King of Town DVD]].
Scribbled-down storyboards of the [[The King of Town DVD]].
'''Cast (in order of appearance):'''
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' [[The King of Town]], [[The King of Town's Sheep]], [[The Sheep-Eating Dragon]], [[Homestar Runner]], [[Pom Pom]], [[The Knight]], [[The Blacksmith]], [[The Poopsmith]], [[The Little Chef Guy]]
'''Date:''' ???
'''Page Title:''' King of Town Storyboards
'''Page Title:''' King of Town Storyboards

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Scribbled-down storyboards of the The King of Town DVD.

Cast (in order of appearance): The King of Town, The King of Town's Sheep, The Sheep-Eating Dragon, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, The Knight, The Blacksmith, The Poopsmith, The Little Chef Guy

Date: ???

Page Title: King of Town Storyboards


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This is the King of Town

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He is a good king, and he rules the
land quite nicely
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But he worries all the time.

Dooo Hooo Hooo! My sheep
are missing and i'm afraid
a dragon has gobbled them
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chomp! View Page 4
So he called the Homestar Runner and
Pom Pom and asked if they
would help.

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They questioned the blacksmith...

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... the pooph smith...

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...and the chef's cook! View Page 8
I've Got
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So Homestar called everyone together View Page 10
I have found that
The sheep were not eaten
by a dragon.
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blush. burp!

Oh yes. They I forgot. They
were delicious.
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