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*Email [[more armies]]
*Email [[more armies]]
*[[Homestar Ruiner]] (poster and image on the [[Lappy 486]])
*[[Homestar Ruiner]] (poster and image on the [[Lappy 486]])
*[[Strong Badia the Free]]
[[Category:Character Variations|Poopertrooper]][[Category:Organizations|Municipality, The]]
[[Category:Character Variations|Poopertrooper]][[Category:Organizations|Municipality, The]]

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Poopertrooper and the Dictator of Town

The Municipality is the designation of the totalitarian governmental establishment (modeled after dystopian novels such as 1984) that apparently rules over Free Country, USA, as headed by The King of Town. The Poopsmith serves as a grunt worker. Strong Bad has expressed a desire to riot against it, and in disconnected, his body does so while his head gives career advice to Homestar Runner.

It appears that the Municipality uses propaganda to further show its own power. One such poster had the stylized logo and images of poopertroopers standing side by side with the words "We're onto you" across the bottom.

The Logo for the Municipality is the King Of Town's head with Darth Vader-like attributes. The name "Poopertrooper" could be a connection to this, as Darth Vader's elite shock troops were called 'Stormtroopers.'

In more armies, the motto of The Municipality is revealed to be "Honor. Valor. Buttor.", which relates to The King of Town's questionable eating habits.


Poopertrooper sketches

Poopertrooper is The Poopsmith as The King of Town's bodyguard. He is the main line of defense in "The Municipality". He may also be the line of offense, as he has a bat as a weapon. On the Support the Municipality wallpaper and T-shirts, they appear in groups with the warning, "We're onto you."

His armor resembles that of a police worker attempting to stop a riot. Indeed, in disconnected, he protected the King of Town from Strong Bad, who threw "riot rocks" at him. In that way, he is probably both a body guard and a policeman.


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