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In all its glory
Real-life style!

The office is Free Country's token cubicle-filled commercial office building, though its arrangement and exterior have not been verified. Inside, Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Bubs, Pom Pom, The Cheat, and Coach Z work generic and fairly ambiguous office jobs. Strong Bad works in a cubicle with a computer, and puts comic strips and Post-it notes on the walls, the latter of which were involved in a plan which he believed would save the company millions. The office has a wood-paneled boardroom equipped with a dry-erase board. Shareholders meet there to discuss the earnings.

Their work seems to involve multi-tasking, or creating the illusion of multi-tasking when they report to their superiors in the assumed company.

Pom Pom is the "big cheese" of the company, and Homestar, being Pom Pom's friend, has admin privileges, although he still remains extremely obedient to Pom Pom.

Rondleman, Gunderson, and Mancuso are the names of three unseen co-workers. Homestar once identified Strong Bad as Rondleman, who works in Regional Shipping Management Resources. Gunderson and Mancuso work in Accounting. Mancuso put his own three-hole punch in the microwave on at least one occasion, which led Homestar to think he sucks. Gunderson, according to Homestar, doesn't suck.

The office apparently has spaces occupied by Senor Cardgage's mortgage company, Senor Cardgage Mortgage. It is featured in his company's TV promotion as where calls are transferred to and received by his many "handsome talking experts". None of these experts were shown in the commercial, however.

The office is also home to a tech support calling center where Homestar works and where Strong Bad once called up to complain about his slow internet speeds. As a parody of many reports of inferior tech support, Homestar repeats prepared replies that are not related to Strong Bad's questions. Homestar also claims he is "not in India".

It also apparently has a water cooler, where Homestar Runner tries to make conversation. In the email 4 branches, he gets stuck inside the water cooler, and decides to stay for the rest of his life. However, he later escapes (although it is not shown how or when).

Fridays at the office are Business Casual Fridays, or as they say around the office, "Biz Cas Fri", since they have to "abbreve" everything. On this day, the employees all wear free polo shirts they have received from various software companies, such as "Diskettes Etc.", "Micro Palace", and "Hot Jones Investment".

The Cheat's job is most likely a part of the aforementioned tech support, evidenced in Biz Cas Fri 2: when Strong Bad commented on Homestar's foul smell, he said he smelled like "wet Tech Support, with onions". The Cheat is known to smell bad when wet, and he tried to help with Strong Bad's computer issues in Biz Cas Fri 3. Bubs appears to be an IT technician, as his job involves installing firewalls, as seen in from work; in the DVD commentary for said email, Mike Chapman refers to Bubs as an IT geek. Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene seemingly indicates (and DNA Evidence confirms) that Coach Z is a janitor.

[edit] Things tacked to cubicles

  • While Homestar is using the cubicle in the email isp, on the wall is a post-it note which reads "Note to self: chew more."
  • In the email dullard, a Dullard comic can be seen on the wall.
  • In the email other days, there is just a blue pin on the wall.
  • On the wall in the email 4 branches, another "Dullard" comic is seen.
  • In every Biz Cas Fri toon, there are always: a "Dullard" comic, a letter, and a post-it that says one of the following: "B.O.B" (Bring Own Beverage), "A.S.A.P" (As Soon As Possible) and "F.Y.I" (For Your Information).
  • In Decemberween Short Shorts, a clip of Strong Bad complaining about his tube socks shows on the wall a Decemberween tree made out of green pushpins and a flyer that says "D'screetret Santa Today!"
  • In the email from work, a "Dullard" comic is on the wall (same thing in the deleted scene).
  • In the email too cool, Homestar's cubicle has a post-it reading "Less This, More That".

[edit] Appearances

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