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Want Some Pizza?

The Pizz is a pizza place created by Strong Bad in the interest of attracting young college girls; however, soon after opening, it somehow became a real, successful pizzeria. It was originally titled "Strong Bad's Strong Badian Pizza" but Strong Bad expressed his annoyance with the name's length, and it became The Pizz. It has received a favorable review from Strong Sad's Review Revue, although its social networking site,, was said to have missed the mark. Homestar Runner works as an employee. It also serves Slumber Party Style pizza.

The Pizz's website is located at and enables customers to create an anthropomorphic slice of pizza to interact with other customers in a simulation. Customers can acquire "Pizz points", which they can exchange for virtual decorations and furnishings for their simulated residences. In this manner, Strong Bad decorates Strong Badia and engages in a flame war with Homestar Runner and The King of Town.

A fan created a website at shortly after the Strong Bad Email pizza joint was released. It contains only the logo, a "Login" button that links to pizza joint, and an Easter egg.


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