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A crappy job (literally)



The Diapersmith says: "Phrppp!"

The Poopsmith is just a regular guy with a very crappy job. Literally. It is unclear what his job really is, but it has something to do with using his shovel (apparently the only shovel in Free Country, USA) to poke around at a load of whatsit. Also, due to the nature of this job, Strong Bad has said that the Poopsmith's tolerance for pain "has gotta be through the roof". Although he never seems to transfer poop between his gloves and the shovel, his gloves are always soiled. This inherent filth tends to keep him out of most social circles, though he seems to be well respected by the other characters. He has been in the employ of The King of Town for a while, and he does not talk, nor make a noise, as he has taken a vow of silence. Sometimes, however he will hold up a sign in lieu of speaking. It seems, that his job also includes making biscut dough, as seen in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. He is sometimes seen poking his shovel as a half-gesture; in his Old-Timey incarnation as The Demon, the pitchfork motion is very similar. He plays the cymbals for the K.O.T.H.S. Junior Varsity Marching Band, seen in Fall Float Parade.

Character Video Transcript

{Page Title: Crapatola!!}

{Cut to the Poopsmith shoveling through his pile of whatsit}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {offscreen, narrating in animal show host type voice} Here we have a rare glimpse of the Poopsmith in his natural habitat. {drops narrative tone} Pretty nasty, if you ask me. Oh, {narrating} The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence. {drops narrative tone} I'm about to take a vow of throwin' up my cookies all over this microphone. {taps microphone twice} How much is this thing worth, anyways? 'Cause it's about to be worth a lot less. No for real. The Poopsmith is a good guy. He just got a crappy job.


The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence and therefore doesn't speak, with only a few exceptions:

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