The Proud Anselmo

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*'''Debut:''' Email [[space program]]
*'''Debut:''' Email [[space program]]
[[Category: Vehicles]]
[[Category: Vehicles]]

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A wonder of modern SBASAF-ery
Constructed almost entirely out of cardboardium alloy

The Proud Anselmo is the flagship of SBASAF's 30 vessel fleet, as shown in the Strong Bad Email space program. It is constructed almost entirely out of carboardium alloy. The crew of the ship is made up of First Lieutenernal Space Captainface (Strong Bad), onboard mechanic Harold "Strap" Coopmore (The Cheat), and on ground flight engineer Ted Averill (the Tire). Several things adorn the vessel, including a bust of Van Buren, an ABA basketball, an Atari 2600 joystick, an empty milk carton, and the Strongbadia flag, naturally. It is also mentioned in an Easter egg that it has a vinegar-baking soda drive.

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