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The Dapper Swindler himself

The Sneak (a.k.a. "The Dapper Swindler") is the Old-Timey version of The Cheat, and takes the appearance of an opossum. He is always silent (save for when delivering a telegram) and communicates by waving his nose. He's the Strong Man's greatest pal, and loves to join Old-Timey Strong Bad in causing catastrophe. His schemes include dropping The Homestar Runner from his "flying machine", stealing fresh jam and putting a Bengal tiger in The Kaiser's latrine. He supposedly likes to do the hully gully on the Panama Canal, but has only been seen doing it on a barrel. The a cappella group DaVinci's Notebook wrote a song for him, entitled the Ballad of The Sneak, which was made into a cartoon by The Brothers Chaps. The lyrics in the song suggest that The Sneak is yellow in color, similar to his present day double, despite the fact that the Old-Timey cartoons have no color.

Take that, Tammany Hall!

"The Dapper Swindler" is the nickname given to The Sneak on his wanted poster. When he was spotted in Tammany Hall, police sketch artists made a questionable rendering of the infamous knave as a human figure with The Sneak's nose and fangs. The poster mentions that he is known as The Sneak in the Northwest Territories.

The Sneak makes a modern appearance in Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold. He is still in black and white.


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