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The great "The Stick"

The Stick is the area in an otherwise nondescript grassy area in which a largeish stick is poking out of the ground. Typically referenced as a meeting point, especially by Strong Bad and his minions.




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Fun Facts

  • In labor day, Strong Bad accidentally broke part of The Stick off while giving it a high-five. Curiously, the piece that broke off was never seen before that particular toon. Naturally, since it broke off, the piece hasn't been seen since.
  • According to origins, The Stick presently rates a 10 in hangingoutitude, but was originally the site of Homestar Runner's bread sing-alongs.
  • In different town Strong Bad imagined the Stick as a Big Ol' Tree.
  • In Main Page 16, The Stick is a Decemberween stick.
  • In Cheat Commandos, The Stick was made up to look like a satellite dish.

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