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"In all its hangoutitude!"
This article is about the Pseudocharacter. For the wiki's community portal, see HRWiki:The Stick.

The Stick, usually called the stick, is the place in an otherwise nondescript grassy area in which a largeish stick is poking out of the ground. It's typically referenced as a meeting point, especially by Strong Bad and his minions. It is unclear as to whether it is just a stick in the ground, or a prematurely dead tree. Sometimes The Stick participates in the festivities, such as being a Decemberween Tree, being dressed up for Halloween, or even being placed on a snowman.




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Fun Facts

  • In labor day, Strong Bad accidentally broke part of The Stick off while giving it a high-five. Curiously, the piece that broke off was never seen before that particular toon. Naturally, since it broke off, the piece hasn't been seen since.
  • According to origins, The Stick presently rates a 10 in hangingoutitude, but was considerably lower in hangingoutitude during the period it was the site of Homestar Runner's bread sing-alongs. It was also the place where they spraypainted Marzipan, then glued her to Homsar and left them for dead.
  • In different town, Strong Bad imagined the Stick as a "Big Ol' Tree" that would try to eat everyone except The Cheat and himself (and possibly Strong Mad).
  • In Main Page 16, The Stick is a Decemberween stick.
  • In Cheat Commandos, The Stick was made up to look like a satellite dish.
  • In Happy Hallow-day, The Stick is referred to as a twig by Marzipan which suggests that the name The Stick is rarely used by characters other than The Brothers Strong. However, according to Baddest of the Bands, the Two-O-Duo once sung "Lets's TP The Stick".
  • In Jibblies 2, The Stick is dressed as Lowly Worm from the Busytown books for Halloween. Strong Bad and Homestar both inexplicably state their hatred of The Stick to it.
  • In Homestar Ruiner, Strong Bad calls the Stick "beautiful".
  • In A Death-Defying Decemberween, The Stick is placed on top of a snowman that some of the characters are building.
  • Many times, The Stick has proven an effective hiding place. For example, in army, when Homestar was giving his troops a pep-talk by The Stick, The Cheat mysteriously popped out from the side of The Stick, though the viewer previously had no idea he was there.
  • In Baddest of the Bands, Strong Bad covers The Stick with Z-covered toilet paper in order to make Coach Z look responsible for vandalism so that Bubs will respect him and put the Two-o Duo on stage again.
  • In imaginary we see a younger The Stick which has a single green leaf.

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