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Bricks have been seen or mentioned several times in the Homestar Runner Universe.



Bricks Being mentioned, but not seen

  • Email local news (easter egg) Strong Bad threatens to throw a brick through [your] Dad's windshield if one does not spellcheck.

Brick Walls

  • For the place in Free Country, USA, see The Brick Wall Main article
  • Kick The Cheat the player kicks the cheat into a brick wall
  • Mile Powered by The Cheat Strong Bad states: "I have to break through this brick wall!", and proceeds to do so.
  • Graffiti Wall A wall tagged with various graffiti.
  • Email from work 'Pixel Granny' pole vaults over a brick wall.
  • Kid Speedy At the Kid Speedy ending, Kid Speedy is seen walking past a brick wall.
  • [[Bub's Conces5ion Stand is largely composed of brick walls.

Not quite bricks

  • Email web comics the Strong Bad 'Slickly drawn college roomemate' Says that a meatloaf was 'Bricked'
  • King Of Town Special edition DVD clicking on one of the bricks in the background takes you to the King of Town Main Page

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