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[[Image:thydungeonmanbox.PNG|thumb|right|220px|400 page manual included!]]
[[Image:thydungeonmanbox.PNG|thumb|right|220px|400 page manual included!]]
In an exciting [[Videlectrix]] text adventure, you are '''Thy Dungeonman''', exploring the depths of the dungeon. The game can be accessed from the Strong Bad Email "[[video games]]".
In an exciting [[Videlectrix]] [[Wikipedia:Interactive fiction|text adventure]], you are '''Thy Dungeonman''', exploring the depths of the dungeon. The game can be accessed from the Strong Bad Email "[[video games]]".
This game has a sequel, [[Thy Dungeonman 2]].
This game has a sequel, [[Thy Dungeonman 2]].

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"Quaff some serious mead!"
400 page manual included!

In an exciting Videlectrix text adventure, you are Thy Dungeonman, exploring the depths of the dungeon. The game can be accessed from the Strong Bad Email "video games".

This game has a sequel, Thy Dungeonman 2.

Page Title: Thy Dungeonman! Thy Hunger!



Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

General Commands

  • HELP- repeats area description.
  • LOOK- repeats area description.
  • DIE-"That wasn't very smart. Your score was: ___. Play again? [Y/N]" - Subtracts 100 points from your score.
  • DANCE-"You shaketh it a little, and it feeleth all right."
  • GET YE ___/TAKE YE ___/GET YON ___/TAKE YON ___/GET ___/ TAKE ___-"Thou cannotst get that. Quit making stuffeth up!"
  • GET DAGGER- "Yeah, okay." - Adds 25 points to your score. Usable infinitely.
  • GO ___-"Thou cannotst go there. Who do you think thou art? A magistrate?!"
  • LOOK ___-"It looketh pretty awesome"
  • ___-"That does not computeth. Type HELP if thou needs of it."
  • TALK ___ - "Who is __? Your new boyfriend? Somebody from work you don't want me to meeteth?"
  • GIVE ___ - "Thou don'tst have a ___ to give. Go back to your tiny life."
  • SMELL-"You smell a Wumpus."
  • DRINK-"Thou aren'nest thirsty, last time thou checked."

Main Dungeon Room

"Thy Dungeonman- Click to enter yon dungeon."



Ye find yeself in yon dungeon. Ye see a SCROLL. Behind ye scroll is a FLASK. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH and DENNIS."

If you've asked to get the scroll more than once, anytime you look at the room (either by typing "LOOK", "HELP", or by returning to this room from another room, you'll see this message tacked onto the main message: "There is definitely no YE SCROLL, so drop it."

  • LOOK SCROLL-"Parchment, definitely parchment. I'd recognize it anywhere."
  • LOOK FLASK-"Looks like you could quaff some serious mead out of that thing."
  • GET SCROLL:"Ye takes the scroll and reads of it. It doth say: BEWARE, READER OF THE SCROLL, DANGER AWAITS TO THE- The SCROLL disappears in thy hands with ye olde ZAP!" - Adds 2 points to your score
  • GET SCROLL(again):"Ye doth suffer from memory loss. YE SCROLL is no more. Honestly." - Subtracts 1 point from your score
  • LOOK SCROLL(again):"Ye seeth nothing wheretofore it went ZAP."
  • GET FLASK(first two times):"Ye cannot get the FLASK. It is firmly bolted to a wall which is bolted to the rest of the dungeon which is probably bolted to a castle. Never you mind." - Adds 1 point to your score each time
  • GET FLASK(third time):"Okay, okay. You unbolt yon FLASK and hold it aloft. A great shaking begins. The dungeon ceiling collapses down on you, crushing you in twain. Apparently, this was a load-bearing FLASK. Your score was: ___ Play again? [Y/N]" - Subtracts 1000 points from your score
  • GO NORTH-Takes you north (see below).
  • GO SOUTH-Takes you south (see below).
  • Go DENNIS-Takes you to Dennis (see below).

North of the Main Dungeon Room

"You go NORTH through yon corrider. You arrive at parapets. Ye see a rope. Obvious exits are SOUTH."

  • LOOK PARAPETS-"Well, they're parapets. This much we know for sure."
  • LOOK CHASM-"It looketh pretty awesome."
  • LOOK ROPE-"It looks okay. You've seen better."
  • GET ROPE-"You attempt to take ye ROPE but alas it is enchanted! It glows a mustard red and smells like a public privy. The ROPE wraps round your neck and hangs you from parapets. With your last breath, you wonder what parapets are. Your score was:__. Play again? (Y/N)" - Subtracts 1 point from your score
  • GO SOUTH-Takes you back to Main Dungeon Room.

South of the Main Dungeon Room

"You head south to an enbankment. Or maybe a chasm. You can't decide which. Anyway, ye spies a TRINKET. Obvious exits are NORTH."

  • LOOK TRINKET-"Quit looking! Just get it already."
  • GET TRINKET-"Ye getsts yon TRINKET and discover it to be a bauble. You rejoice at your good fortune. You shove the TRINKET in your pouchel. It kinda hurts." - Adds 2 points to your score
  • LOOK/HELP (Before you GET TRINKET)-"Ye stand yeself close to a yet-unnamed escarpment. Nonetheless, ye spies a TRINKET. Obvious exits are NORTH."
  • LOOK/HELP (After you GET TRINKET)-"Ye stand high above a canyon-like depression. Obvious exits are NORTH."
  • LOOK TRINKET (After you GET it)-"Just a bulge in thou pouchel at this point."
  • GET TRINKET (After you GET it)-"Sigh. The trinket is in thou pouchel. Recallest thou?" - Subtracts 1 point from your score
  • LOOK/HELP (After you try to GET TRINKET more than once)-"Thou hangeth out at an overlook. Obvious exits are NORTH. I shouldn't have to tell ye there is no TRINKET."
  • GO NORTH-Takes you back to the Main Dungeon Room.


"Ye arrive at Dennis. He wears a sporty frock coat and a long jimberjam. He paces about nervously. Obvious exits are NOT DENNIS."

  • NOT DENNIS-Takes you back to the Main Dungeon Room.
  • TALK-"You engage Dennis in lesiurely{sic} discussion. Ye learns that his jimberjam was purchased on sale at a discount market and that he enjoys pacing about nervously. You become bored and begin thinking about parapets."
  • LOOK DENNIS-"That jimberjam really makes the outfit."
  • LOOK JIMBERJAM-"Man, that art a nice jimberjam."
  • GIVE TRINKET(or GIVE TRINKET TO DENNIS)-"A novel idea! You givst the TRINKET to Dennis and he happily agrees to tell you what parapets are. With this new knowledge, ye escapes from yon dungeon in order to search for new dungeons and to remain... THY DUNGEONMAN!! You hath won! Congraturation!! Your score was: ___"

Fun Facts

Easter Eggs

  • Every time you type "talk ___" for anything that is not Dennis, the text will read "Who is ___? Your new boyfriend?! Someone from work you don't want me to meeteth?"


  • "Congraturation" is a reference to the bad Japanese to English translation (or Engrish) found in many old video games, especially Ghosts 'n Goblins, one of the worst endings ever. Japanese doesn't have an R or an L sound, but rather a sound which is somewhat between the two. Thus R and L tend to sound the same to Japanese people, and are often mixed up by them when writing or speaking English. The ending of Ghosts 'n Goblins can be found here. Also see Videro Games (sic).


  • The "get dagger" command is probably from the unreleased Strong Bad email E-mail Birds on the strongbad_email.exe DVD, in which Strong Bad plays a text adventure and tries to get a dagger but fails. However, there is no way to confirm this at present, as we don't know if "E-mail Birds" was created before or after "video games".
  • The quip "you wonder what parapets are," as Matt reveals in the DVD commentary for video games, is based on his experiences playing a text adventure that had parapets and he thought that if he found out what parapets were, it'd help him win the game.


  • Although the box graphic shows Thy Dungeonman with a sword, you don't get a sword at all nor are there any monsters which might require a sword to be defeated.


  • Every time you type "get dagger," you earn 25 points regardless of whether or not you've already recieved a dagger.
  • When you enter the embankment/chasm/whatever the game will always say you can see a trinket, even if you have picked it up already.

Inside References

  • The page title, "Thy Dungeonman! Thy Hunger!" is a reference to the page title of StrongBadZone, "I Strong Bad! I Hunger!". They are both references to the old arcade game "Sinistar". In Sinistar you battled a large spaceship shaped like a head that would say, "I hunger!".

Real-World References

  • The text "You smell a Wumpus" (from the command SMELL) is a reference to the game "Hunt the Wumpus," one of the very first text adventures. You would either play as the dog or the Wumpus, and the dog could sniff out the Wumpus, and thus detect the opponent's presence from farther away. It is also used as a floppy disk in the Floppy Disk Container in PAY PLUS!.
  • When you type "get flask" three times, the text "You unbolt the flask and hold it aloft" is a possible reference to most Legend of Zelda games, where after Link got an item from a chest he would hold it above his head for the player to see.

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