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*The "pwd" command has been modified, and it now gives your location as "Wastes of Time/Dumb Games/Dungeonman 3/''{location}''".
*The "pwd" command has been modified, and it now gives your location as "Wastes of Time/Dumb Games/Dungeonman 3/''{location}''".
*This is the first text adventure on the site where the command "DIE" doesn't kill you - or do anything at all.

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play Thy Dungeonman II Pigs on Head
Behold Thy Graphics!!
Box art

"No man slays dungeons quite like the Thy Dungeonman from the Thy Dungeonman computer game series. Hi-res graphics improve on the no-res graphics from the previous text-onlyventures. Get ye flask, fool!" - Videlectrix

Thy Dungeonman 3 (also spelled Thy Dungeonman III) is the second sequel in the Thy Dungeonman franchise produced by Videlectrix. The most notable feature of this sequel is the addition of graphics, with imitation low-resolution still frames accompanying each room of the game. As with the first two installments in the the Dungeonman series, the game is a text-command-controlled adventure centered around a knight named Thy Dungeonman. However, in this quest his mission is to get ye flask rather than escape yon dungeon.

Page Title: Behold Thy Graphics!!

Date: April 24, 2006



Main Commands

  • north or n
  • south or s
  • east or e
  • west or w
  • look
  • get
  • talk
  • inventory or inv
  • use
  • save (1-5)
  • load (1-5)
  • the UP arrow cycles through previous commands

See full list of commands
See full list of responses

Ways to Lose the Game

  • Get crushed by the spikes (not escaping from Thy Dungeon before your twelfth action).
  • Going back into the room with the monk after he attempts to eat you.
  • Not getting out of the cauldron fast enough.
  • Getting lost in the woods (wander around without a map, going EAST will save you).
  • Trying to fight the troll (KILL TROLL).
  • Trying to kill the bird at the monastery (KILL BIRD).
  • Trying to kill the barkeep (PUNCH, KICK, or KILL BARKEEP).
  • Attempting to steal barkeep's beard (STEAL BEARD).
  • Attempting to steal barkeep's drink (STEAL DRINK).
  • RETIREing in Westerberg.
  • Choosing the wrong Kigalonian.
  • Getting the answers wrong to the Hag's questions.
  • Attempting to steal the Vegetable Cart Man's Corn. (STEAL CORN).
  • Eating the fake ketchup. (EAT BLOOD, DRINK KETCHUP).
  • By typing HANG OUT or QUIT (the latter causing you to exit the game entirely).

Fun Facts


  • The amber-only color palette is an homage to the many vintage monochrome monitors that were released during the 1980s. The concept is similar to the Tandy 400's green-phosphor monitor.


  • A sound similar to a 5¼ floppy disk being accessed plays before a new graphic appears, as though it's being "loaded".
  • You can flip over its box art on the Videlectrix website to read the back, which is a first for their games. The back cover features the Videlectrix logo as well as screenshots of the town, pub, and grabbing minigame. It also has the following text.
Back cover
Behold Thy Graphics!

Out of the dungeon
and into the pile!
Videlectrix has
added multi - bit
graphics to someone's favorite text adventure!
Visit LOCATIONS, get ITEMS, and interact
with PEOPLE-all in vivid monochrome color!
Short 4-page
manual! No more
novels! (Thanks
for all the letters!)
It's the final confrontation between Thy
Dungeonman and the elusive FLASK!!

Innovative FPG -first
person getter- action!
(actual gameplay-type
screenshots shown!)
  • The photos for Thy Dungeonman, the Fat Friar, the Vegetable Cart Dude, the Disgruntled Cleaner Guy and the Old Hag are named internally as "mike", "matt", "matt" again, "me" and "ryan", respectively – presumably they are photos of Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, Jonathan Howe and Ryan Sterritt.


  • The "pwd" command has been modified, and it now gives your location as "Wastes of Time/Dumb Games/Dungeonman 3/{location}".
  • This is the first text adventure on the site where the command "DIE" doesn't kill you - or do anything at all.


  • When you go to the monastery "Upon thy table is a stein. The exit is south" is typed twice. (This may, however, be intentional.)
  • While being cooked alive in the pot, type SOUTH on the turn you die and you will die and escape at the same time.

Fixed Glitches

  • Some hours after its release, the game began in the Hag's Clearing where you have no points yet possess the Fake Ketchup, already used.
  • There was a warp portal that took you directly inside the dungeon that was accessed by typing "GO IN LOG" or "ENTER LOG" at the creepy woods; however, if you have not yet gotten the flask-grabbing glove, you will be unable to win the game. VOIPing back out from this path would cause a gateway to the dungeon to appear at the crossroads, and then at the creepy woods.
  • When the game was first released, if the hag had 4 kids, then any answer you give her (including 4) would be taken as incorrect. The only way to fix this was to restart. Some people still see this problem.
  • Also upon release, it was possible to get stuck by grabbing the stein in the monastery, then escaping the cauldron and re-entering the monastery, then pressing C to continue. This was later fixed so that you now continue from outside the monastery.
  • Originally, if you typed LOOK FLOOR while holding the bone, the picture of the bone would appear.
  • Originally, if you typed LOOK BONE or LOOK FLOOR in Yon Dungeon after using the bone, it would say that the bone is still on the ground. New phrases were later added in place of this.

Inside References

  • The obsession with "getting a flask" has run throughout the Thy Dungeonman series. It originated with Strong Bad's earliest concept of the game in video games, in which "you'd just have to sit there and imagine why on Earth you can't get ye flask!"
  • When flipping through the hag's scrapbook, if you see the town sign for Rottenscab, it reads "If thou lived here, thou would be home by now". This joke was also made in for kids.
  • When you look at the stone bridge, it will tell you that it is notorious for its knife fights. This is a reference to personal favorites, where Coach Z and Pom Pom had a knife fight on a Stone Bridge.
  • The "OMG!" when you get the coins from inside the log is another example of Internet Slang.
  • If you try to talk to the disgruntled cleaning guy inside the sandwich shoppe through the window, the text refers to him as Disgruntor the Cleaninator, an obvious reference to Trogdor the Burninator.
  • When in the town, type "Listen to music" to get the response "Sounds like the Peasant's Quest theme".
  • Kigalonian's "doodoomap" is similar to Coach Z's mention of "doodoomeat" from the email couch patch.
    • This is also similar to Strong Bads "essence of doo-doo merangue"
  • Teleporting out of the dungeon is accompanied by the sound effect "VOIP". This sound effect was previously used in Teen Girl Squad Issue 1, the Videlectrix game Hallrunner, and the Strong Bad email alternate universe.
  • The back of the box claiming "no more novels" refers to the previous two entries of the series. The first game's box claimed to contain a 400-page manual, while the second game's page title states that the game "Comes with 3 volume set of Thy Encyclopedias and Reference Guide!". This explains why, on the Videlectrix website, the box for Thy Dungeonman 3 is shown as being slimmer than the boxes for the first two games.
  • If you look at the stein in the pub after using it, it reads "Thou'll never forget thy old sidekick, Steiny." This refers to Strong Badman's sidekick, Stiny.
  • The phrase "ugly bird" may be a reference to helium, in which Homestar refers to a flying The Cheat as such.
  • The phrase "Lord Round Mound" is similar to Strong Bad's description of Strong Sad as a "round mound of gray fatness" in rampage.

Real-World References

  • The phrase "It's all about the ... who the heck is that on these coins?" is a reference to the Puff Daddy song "It's All About The Benjamins", meaning the portraits of Benjamin Franklin on U.S. hundred-dollar bills.
  • The response "I don't understand you..." is an excerpt from the song Fingertips by They Might Be Giants.
  • The screen shown when you get the flask for the first time is a reference to the opening sequence of Myst (the image in question also being featured on Myst's original box art).
  • The "internal or external command" error message is the message you get in the Windows XP command prompt if it doesn't recognize what you type.
  • While musing on thoughts of her dead husband, the hag is said to be 'ferngullying' and 'landbeforetiming', both references to popular early 90's animation franchises.
  • One of the possible presents that the hag might have gotten is a Nintendo 64 Controller (called an N64 Paddle in this game). The controller is popular for being the first in console gaming since 1982 to use the Analog stick. It is also popular for its rather unusual but sucessful three-handled design.
  • Just before you begin answering the hag's questions, she says "If ye answers questions three..." This is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in which the old man at the Bridge of Death proclaims "Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three."
  • If you answer the hag incorrectly, the game refers to her as "Hagatha Christie", a reference to crime author Agatha Christie.
  • The error displayed when you type "Go West" when there is no west exit is a reference to the lyrics of two songs: "King of Wishful Thinking" by the band Go West, and "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys.
  • When you've beaten the game, the line "The sanctum begins to rattle and hum" is a reference to the U2 album "Rattle and Hum."
  • If you try to pick up the log in the woods west of the crossroads, it says "Painful memories of finishing last in the World's Strongest Dungeonman contest are dredged up." This is a reference to the real life "World's Strongest Man" competition, a tournament which involves completing difficult strength-based challenges.
    • In addition the text mentions "Magnus and Junko". Magnus is a reference to either Magnús Ver Magnússon or Magnus Samuelsson, who were both World's Strongest Man Champions. Junko is a reference to Jouko Ahola, who was another World's Strongest Man Champion.
  • "Lonely Dungeon: Westerburg" is a reference to the Lonely Planet series of travel guides.
  • If you don't escape from the cauldron in time, it says "Next time, Try Hard 2: Try Harder." This is taken from the film title Die Hard 2: Die Harder.
  • The "Franken Brand stein" is a reference to the famed novel Frankenstein.
  • "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" is a novel written by Czech novelist Milan Kundera.
  • "Westerberg" is a reference to Paul Westerberg, rock songwriter and singer from 80s punk band “The Replacements.”
  • The first picture in the hag's scrapbook sometimes reads Zork, and claims it is a "Krill-free community". Zork is a long-running series of (mostly) text adventure games by Infocom. Krill was the name of the villain in the first Zork book.
  • When asking to look at the barrel in front of the "sammich" shop, it replies "A very small barrel. Maybe made by a small man. A mini cooper if thou will." A cooper is a barrelmaker. A Mini Cooper is a small British car.
  • The ending screen is very reminiscent of that of the Nintendo game Faxanadu.
  • The "cart man" looks surprisingly like many a character played by 90s "weasel" Paulie Shore.
  • When inside the large cauldron, the description of the "progressively warmer and warmer broth" is spelled using the Long s, common in medieval calligraphy.
  • After buying corn from the veggie cart dude (VCD), he may say to "Visualize whirled peas." This is a play on words of a common phrase, "Visualize world peace," often found on bumper stickers.

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