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This page shows the walkthrough for Thy Dungeonman 3.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


[edit] Intro

'Tis the text-and-slightly-graphics adventure of Thy Dungeonman, a troubled adventurer in quest of a flask that seems ungettable. Mind not the highly yellowed face of this adventure, 'tis on purpose. Now off, brave adventurer, begin your quest. Though 'tis truly not a very pleasant start.

[edit] Walkthrough

You are tied up in a dungeon with spiky walls about to crush you.

  • USE CLAWS to free yourself from the ropes
  • USE BONE to jam the walls
  • NORTH to exit

You are in a sanctum with the ever-elusive FLASK on a pedestal.

  • GET YE FLASK/GET FLASK. You drop into a vortex. Alas.

You come out at a crossroads.

  • NORTH will take you to a monk's cottage;
  • SOUTH will take you to a troll bridge;
  • EAST will take you to an overlook above a village;
  • WEST will take you to some creepy woods.

Start with NORTH.

You are outside the monastery. A pesky bird does all manner of things to annoy you. Don't kill it.

  • NORTH again takes you inside.
  • GET STEIN. The monk bops you over the head and tries to boil you alive because he says that foodstuffs are scarce. Hey, you just wanted the stein!
  • SOUTH - That was close! You run out just in time.
  • SOUTH back to the crossroads.
  • WEST to the creepy woods.

You are in the creepy woods.

  • LOOK INSIDE LOG. There are coins.
  • GET COINS. As if this needs explaining. Everybody loves gold.
  • EAST back to the crossroads.
  • EAST to the overlook.

You are at the overlook.

  • BUY CORN. You exchange the coins for corn.
  • EAST to the village.

You are in the village.

  • NORTH will take you to a non-pub tavern.
  • SOUTH will take you to the pub.
  • EAST will take you to a sandwich shoppe.
  • WEST will take you back to the overpass.

Start with SOUTH.

The many faces of Kigalonian

You are in the pub.

  • TALK MAN. He offers you free beer if you have your own stein. Yeah! Free Booze!
  • USE STEIN. He fills it with a vile liquid and tells you to talk to Kigalonian, giving you a description of the man in question.
  • NORTH to exit.
  • NORTH to the tavern.

You are in the tavern.

  • TALK KIGALONIAN. Lots of guys turn around. You have to select the right one, 1-6; The correct answer is the same as was described to you by the barkeep in the pub.
  • He gives you a map of the creepy woods.
  • SOUTH out of the pub.
  • EAST to the sandwich shoppe.

You are outside the sandwich shoppe. It is closed and locked.

  • LOOK WINDOW to see inside. There is a disgruntled worker and a condiment bar. Looking inside shows you there is BLOOD.
  • KNOCK to get the disgruntled worker's attention.
  • TALK MAN. He says they're closed, but he can give you something if you ask for it by name.
  • ASK FOR BLOOD (or KETCHUP or CONDIMENT or CATSUP). He gives you "fake ketchup". (Drink it and death will follow.)
  • WEST to the village.
  • WEST to the overlook.
  • WEST to the crossroads.
  • WEST to the woods.
  • The map reveals a path to the west. WEST to take it.

You are in a clearing with an old HAG and her SCRAPBOOK.

  • LOOK SCRAPBOOK to flip through the pages. Remember these. 'Tis very important.
  • TALK HAG. She says she only talks to her dead husband, who died of the bloody head. Hmm...
  • TALK HAG. She must test you to know for sure whether you are her husband. Are you ready? YES to take it.
  • The answers are from the scrapbook. Whatever was written on the sign on page 1 is the answer to question 1, the item on the table on page 2 is the answer to question 2, and the number of child-looking creatures on page 3 is the answer to question 3. Mind you, if four hags appear in the picture, three, two, or one might be the answer. Try saving first, then trying 3 instead.
  • You have proven yourself. She says her husband died of the bloody head from going on dungeon expeditions without his FLASK-GRABBING GLOVE, which she gives to you (her "husband") so you can fulfill his unfinished business.
  • USE GLOVE at any point from here on.
  • EAST to the woods.
  • EAST to the crossroads.
  • NORTH back to the cottage, but DON'T GO INSIDE! YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO DIE!

You are at the monk's cottage.

  • GIVE CORN TO BIRD. You have made a friend. The bird is added to your inventory.
  • SOUTH to the crossroads.
  • SOUTH to the troll bridge.

You are at the troll bridge. A TROLL blocks your path to the SOUTH. How nice of him.

  • USE BIRD or GANCH to fight off the troll. He dies.
  • SOUTH across the bridge.

You come to a clearing with a DUNGEON DOOR and some skulls strewn about. OPEN DOOR to your destiny.

Thou hast done it!! Ye wert finally able to GET YE FLASK!

You are again in the room with the flask.

  • Hopefully you have put on your glove; if not, USE GLOVE now! If not, trying to get ye flask will again transport you to the crossroads, and the dungeon door will move.
  • This is it! GET YE FLASK
  • You then play an arcade game where you must press enter when the hand is exactly over ye flask. Hold enter the whole time and you will grab it every time. Each time you grab it, you then drop it and begin to tremble even more (the hand moves faster). This progresses through three levels of speed before you get ye flask and your quest is finished! You win!
  • The screen is as follows:

The sanctum begins to rattle and hum. The walls open to reveal… THY NEW DUNGEONHOUSE! A live-in dungeon full of mazes, scrolls, keys, and maybe even a dagger! Ye cans't believe it. Ye has thine own dungeon! This thing'll keep thee busy for years! Ye grows to a ripe old age and ye flask becomes thy favorite drinking vessel. Ye hast several failed romances o'er the years but the maidens always make thee choose between them and ye flask. Tis hardly a choice at all. Congratulations! Thou art truly… THY DUNGEONMAN! Score: 38 out of a possible 38 points.

[edit] World Map

[edit] List of all score-worthy actions

  • 1 point for cutting rope
  • 2 points for getting bone
  • 3 points for jamming walls
  • 1 point for getting stein
  • 3 points for escaping friar
  • 1 point for getting beer
  • 3 points for getting map
  • 3 points for getting ketchup
  • 2 points for using ketchup
  • 1 point for agreeing to answer the hag's questions
  • 3 points for correctly answering the hag's questions
  • 1 point for wearing glove
  • 2 points for getting coins
  • 2 points for buying corn
  • 2 points for getting bird
  • 2 points for beating troll
  • 1 point for beating level 1 flask getting
  • 2 points for beating level 2 flask getting
  • 3 points for beating level 3 flask getting

Total: 38

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