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Loincloth Larry

In Thy Dungeonman 2 you play the same custodial knight trying to escape from the usual collection of tunnels, mazes, monsters and puzzles. The game is made by Videlectrix as the sequel to Thy Dungeonman.

Page Title: Comes with 3 volume set of Thy Encyclopedias and Reference Guide!



Main Commands

  • north or n
  • south or s
  • east or e
  • west or w
  • help
  • inventory or inv
  • self
  • look or where

Other Commands

  • pwd (The *nix command "print working directory" displays your current location, e.g. ~Ldungeonman/DUNGEON/HALLWAY)
  • dance
  • give _ (any item)
  • get _ (anything except flask and dagger)
  • look cloth
  • take off cloth
  • put on cloth
  • die
  • hold breath or plug nose
  • release nose or unplug nose or breathe or smell
  • get dagger
  • get (ye) flask
  • mop stain or mop
  • dennis
  • dan
  • sniff (try it with and without nose held)
  • get bread or eat bread (before getting hay)
  • search hay or take hay (after you have already done so)
  • kick chamber pot or throw chamber pot
  • get chamber pot (after "get tinkle")
  • look key
  • west (in hallway)
  • try going a direction in the hallway that is not listed
  • look paintings (in magistrate's office)
  • take placard (in magistrate's office)
  • take drawer (in magistrate's office)
  • take foot (after "take drawer")
  • "get map" in the office before unlocking the drawer
  • take map (after you have already done so)
  • close drawer (office after opening drawer)
  • talk (to) rat (with Percy)
  • listen to rat (with Percy)
  • "hold nose" then "talk percy" (with Percy)
  • try going a direction in the maze that is not listed
  • east (in chef's prepatory room)
  • eat vegetables (in chef's prepatory room, before and after visiting infirmary)
  • look at picture (before and after getting it)
  • look sucker
  • kill chef (in chef's prepatory room)
  • "use picture" then "get mop" (fighting dongrel)
  • Go ____ (anything will do).

Point Values

  • die -100
  • get ye flask 3 times +2 and each time after that +2
  • take hay +5
  • getting the drawer key +5
  • looking at david bowie +2
  • getting map +5
  • getting past Ripberger +5
  • getting into maze +5
  • mopping a stain +1
  • Killing Longrels +1
  • Killing Hongrels +2
  • Killing Mongrels +3
  • eating bread +5 (only award points first time)
  • leaving maze +5
  • asking doctor about craftsman tools +1
  • talking to saw doctor +5
  • getting picture +3
  • killing dongrel +10
  • killing percy +10

Ways to Lose the Game

  • Get fired. (Hang around in the south area too long.)
  • Die. (Get killed by a monster; type die; die by plague; hold your breath too long; lose all hitpoints; tell the doctor "yes"; "talk healer" and die of endless questioning.)


  • Every time you type "get ye flask," you earn 2 points, regardless of whether or not you've already gotten yeself a flask.
  • When you go north from the office, you are given the description of the office, but are really in the hallway as expected.
  • The map you get in the game is slightly incorrect. The direction listed in bold has been left out: "West, West, North, West, North, North, North, East, East, North, East, North, North." (The map shown below is correct.)
  • If you die, when you're asked "Play Again? [Y/N]", pressing N doesn't do anything.
  • Right-click and save as on the flash file. Once you have started the game, type something in. Do not erase it. Use the control options to rewind the game. Start it again. Once you are in the game again, type something else. There will be double the characters in whatever you type. (For example, typing in "Hello" would come out "HHeelllloo".) You can repeat this process as much as you like and the numbers of characters will grow one per each time.


(M)          +----(M)    +----(L)
 |           |                 |
 |           |                 |
 +          (H)                +
 +----(M)         (H)
 |     |           |
(M)    +----(M)---Maze--(L)


  • Cell - The Cell (where you start)
  • Offc - The Magistrate's Office
  • Prcy - Where you first meet Percy the rat
  • Maze - The beginning of the maze, and where you find the mop
  • Ktcn - Kitchen
  • Infm - Infirmary
  • (H) - Hongrel
  • (L) - Longrel
  • (M) - Mongrel
  • (+) - Room

Hints and Tips

  • When talking to Ripberger, just use "talk ripberger" or "talk magistrate" in lowercase letters. Otherwise, the game may not recognize the command.
  • Type "look map" at any time to view the map. note that you must ALREADY have the map before you can look at it.
  • When fighting monsters in the maze, use the attack that starts with that monster's name. Therefore...
    • Strike Longrels Low
    • Strike Hongrels High
    • Strike Mongrels Middlin


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

At the beginning, "hold breath" (or "nose") and "get tinkle" (or "metal"), which is a key in the chamber pot. Don't forget to BREATHE. Type "breathe" or "release nose" or "unplug nose" or "smell".

"get hay", which turns out to be moldy bread.

"open door" and go "south".

"look at david bowie" (optional).

"use key" to unlock the drawer.

"get map". "look map" to get the maze directions. It disintegrates, so you'll have to write them down.

Go "north" and "talk magistrate".

Go "north", where you'll find a rat with a nametag. "look at nametag" (his name is Percy) and "talk to percy". He'll offer you the plague.

Go "north", and you'll get the plague (this can't be avoided).

"get mop", as you will need it to fight off monsters.

Now follow the directions from the map (They are west, west, north, west, north, north, east, east, north, east)east eIf you'd like, you can stop to "mop" when you see stains (there's a stain in every room of the maze). This is completely optional, and you only earn "experience points" from doing this (which do not add to your point total.)

To kill the monsters use the strike with the same letter as the beginning of the monster's name (eg. "middlin" for Mongrel, "high" for Hongrel, and "low" for Longrel).

When you get to the kitchen, go "eastward" (you can't just type "east" or "e" here) to the infirmary.

"talk to doctor". Say "no" when he asks if you can wait. He'll saw off your plague, give you a sucker, and send you back to the kitchen. Do not talk to the healer, the doctor and the healer are seperate entities.

"look at placard".

"get picture".

"talk to chef". He is really a Dongrel. "use picture" or "use sucker" to make Dongrel drop your mop, then "get mop" and "use mop" (if you never "talk to chef", you can skip straight to "use mop" and avoid losing 1 life).

"take emerald". Percy will show up. "take off loincloth" to kill him.

Note: On some browsers it is impossible to get the emerald, things will happen too fast.

You win and IT'S OVER!!

Fun Facts


  • If you type "south" or "s" after the magistrate goes into his office, it will show a different response right after the normal one.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • If you "look david bowie" in the the magistrate's office, the game replies: "There's something about that man... The picture was taken during the Tin Machine era. Thou art more of a Ziggy Stardust fan."
    • David Bowie is a famous English rock artist whose career has spanned from the '60s to the present.
    • Tin Machine was a four-piece rock band he formed from 1989 to 1992. Bowie dressed in suits and wore a mustache and beard.
    • Ziggy Stardust was an androgynous character David Bowie invented and performed as for his classic 1972 album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Bowie wore wild, Japan-influenced outfits and the wild red hair that Strong Sad wears in Halloween Fairstival.
  • Nutella is a real food made of hazelnut and chocolate. Nutella is meant to be used as a dip or food spread.
  • When you enter your name, one of the things the game calls your name is "scrumtriliescent", which is a reference to Saturday Night Live's spoof of Inside the Actors' studio, wherein James Lipton (Will Ferrell) says "That show was delightful. No. No. It was brilliant. No, no, no, no. There is no word to describe its perfection, so I am forced to make one up. And I'm going to do so right now. Scrumtrilescent."
  • "Auguft" references how people used to write in an F for an S.

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