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Population: Tire

The Tire forms the complete population of Strong Badia, and was the "indigenous peoples" before the land was colonized by Strong Bad. Due to its status as the entire population of Strong Badia, it has earned a place on the country's flag and anthem, and even stars in two games. Strong Bad has a strong affinity for the Tire and feels a need to protect it, to the point where he installed a security system around it. To date, the system (which is composed of a touch-activated electrical charge and the Bear holding a Shark) has kept The Cheat from touching the Tire.

The Tire has been utilized for purely commercial ends. It was featured in Senorial Day with the words "LOW SAViNGS" painted on its sidewall for the "Bubsotathon" advertisement. And, for the purposes of promoting Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA in theme park, The Tire is anthropomorphized into Poppy the Tire, one of the Mount RidesPlace USA Mascots.

The Tire was employed as a weatherman on Strong Badia's local newscast, a role reprised in an Easter egg in the email shapeshifter as "Meteorologist Paxto West". It also was a member of mission control for the SBASAF.

In 2003, Strong Bad speculated that the Tire would win "the title" from Strong Mad within 2 years. And, though the sport for which "the title" was to be contested is undetermined, the loss of "the title" would lead to a revengeful rematch between Strong Mad and the Tire dubbed "Tire Madness." There is little evidence to show that this actually occurred.

In Strong Badia the Free, The Cheat and Tire made a country together called The Cheat and Tirerea. After the country was re-annexed by Strong Badia, The Tire began "war protests", causing Strong Bad to recommend the Tire be "realigned".

In 8-Bit is Enough, the Tire was tragically half-melted by Trogdor burninating Strong Badia. Strong Bad thought that this might actually boost the country's property values.

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