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| [[Halloween Fairstival]] || <small>'''(HIC)''' ('''Hic'''cups)</small> || The Cheat can't ditch the hiccups. || 6:05 || 2004
| [[Halloween Fairstival]] || <small>'''(HIC)''' ('''Hic'''cups)</small> || The Cheat can't ditch the hiccups. || 6:05 || 2004
| [[That A Ghost]] || <small>'''(OLD)''' (As in, an old cartoon)</small> || Homestar looks for a ghost. || 4:00 || 1937 (actually 2003)
| [[That A Ghost]] || <small>'''(OLD)''' (As in, an old cartoon)</small> || Homestar looks for a ghost. || 4:00 || 1937 (actually 2004)
| [[Decemberween In July]] || <small>'''(DIJ)''' ('''D'''ecemberween '''I'''n '''J'''uly)</small> || Several stocking stuffers. || 0:00 || 2004''  
| [[Decemberween In July]] || <small>'''(DIJ)''' ('''D'''ecemberween '''I'''n '''J'''uly)</small> || Several stocking stuffers. || 0:00 || 2004''  

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The current Toons Menu

The Toons are glorious and magnificent—the most wondrous part of the entire Homestar Runner website! There are some great Homestar Runner toons to watch, and this page lists them all. So have fun in your living room!


Menu Toons

Big Toons

Name Channel ID Description Length Year
A Folky Tale (DMP) (Saddy Dumpington) Strong Sad tries to get out of gym class. 4:10 2005
Cool Things (KUL) (misspelling of "cool") Homestar writes on the wall. Bubs is closed. 4:00 2005
Bug In Mouth Disease (BUG) (Bug in Mouth Disease) Homestar swallowed a bug? 5:10 2005
Shopping for Danger (DOZ) (Cheat Commandos) Blue Laser goes shopping. 4:56 2004
Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon (SBJ) (Strong Bad is in Jail) Strong Bad gets pinched. 6:00 2004
Parsnips A-Plenty (PAP) (Parsnips A-Plenty) The first Homestar talkie. 2:38 1936 (actually 2002)
Where's The Cheat? (CHT) (The Cheat) Strong Bad can't find the Cheat. 6:18 2002
The Luau (CFB) (Crap for brains) Marzipan and Strong Bad's parties face off. 5:36 2001
A Jorb Well Done (JOB) (The word Coach Z attempts to say) Coach Z's accent gets out of hand. 4:00 2001
The Reddest Radish (RED) (The Reddest Radish) More like the Biggest Radish. 2:23 2000
In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD (QLO) (The Quest for the Yello Dello?) Homestar seeks hot bird. DVD. 3:32 2000
The King of Town DVD (KOT) (The King of Town) KOT loses sleep over sheep. DVD. 1:26 2000


Name Channel ID Description Length Year
The Li'l Brudder Show (LIL) (Li'l Brudder) King o' the dregs, minus 3 legs! 2:00 2005
Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer (QST) (Peasant's Quest) Real Life Adventure!! 3:00 2005
Peasant's Quest Preview (PQT) (Peasant's Quest Trailer) Coming soon from Videlectrix. 1:10 2004
Experimental Film (FLM) (Experimental Film) Strong Sad & The Cheat direct a video. 3:00 2004
Senor Mortgage (SCM) (Senor Cardgage Mortgage) Wait. Is Senor Cardgage real?! 1:22 2004
Cheat Commandos...O's (CCO) (Cheat Commandos O's) Ridiculous breakfast. 2:13 2004
The Cheatar (TAR) (Cheatar) The Cheat opens up a can of peas. 0:54 2004
Cheat Commandos (CHT) (Cheat Commandos) Buy all our playsets and toys. 1:03 2004
Mr. Shmallow (LOW) (Mr. Shmallow) He's no apothecary. 1:03 2003
Ballad of The Sneak (SNK) (The Sneak) The #1 Summer Jam from 1936. 2:05 2003
Lookin at a Thing in a Bag (BAG) (Lookin at a Thing in a Bag) 4 drinks for 4 cool guys. 3:50 2003
Arcade Game (ARC) (Arcade) Strong Bad gets a Trogdor arcade game. 1:44 2003
20X6 vs. 1936 (2X6) (20X6) Stinkoman meets Old Timey Homestar. 1:55 2003
The System is Down (YHO) (Yahoo) Strong Bad broke the Internet. 1:06 2003
Meet Marshie (PUF) (Fluffy Puff) America's favorite marshmallow. 0:56 2002
The Interview (INT) (Interview) Strong Bad interviews Homestar. 2:47 2002
Fluffy Puff Commercial (FLF) (Fluffy Puff) Homestar blows his lines. 2:24 2001
Theme Song Video (HSR) (Homestar Runner) Home Star Run Go. 1:00 2000
Kick the Can (CAN) (Kick the Can) Early, silent Homestar cartoons. 0:22 each 2000
Strong Bad Sings (SBS) (Strong Bad Sings) K-Tel Records presents! 1:42 2000

Powered by The Cheat

Name Channel ID Description Length Year
New Boots (BTS) (New Boots) The Cheat gets some new boots. Hi-five. 2:35 2004
Mile (MIL) (Mile) The Cheat guest-authors a SBEmail. 2:40 2003
Crazy Cartoon (CZY) (Crazy Cartoon) I guess the Cheat deserves a trophy. 1:12 2003
Everybody to the Limit (FHQ) (Fhqwhgads) The #1 Summer Jam. 1:56 2002
The Cheat Theme Song (CHT) (The Cheat) The Cheat directs his own video. 1:56 2002

Puppet Stuff

Name Channel ID Description Length Year
Biz Cas Fri 3 (FRI) (Biz Cas Fri) Remember to back up your files. 2:10 2005
Biz Cas Fri 2 (CAS) (Biz Cas Fri) This one goes out to all my shareholdas. 2:00 2005
Biz Cas Fri 1 (BIZ) (Biz Cas Fri) Revenge of the Office Dullard. 1:50 2005
Strong Bad vs. Little Girl! (SVG) (Strong Bad vs. Little Girl) SB faces off against LG. 1:08 2005
Homestar vs. Little Girl 2 (HVG) (Homestar vs. Little Girl) Little girl be's cute. 1:07 2004
Labor Dabor (LAB) (Labor Dabor) The Homestarmy regulates. 2:00 2004
Puppet Jam: Mission Control (JAM) (Puppet Jam) HSR vs. TMBG. 1:06 2005 (return)
Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities (JAM) (Puppet Jam) HSR vs. TMBG. 1:10 2004
Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams (JAM) (Puppet Jam) HSR vs. TMBG. 1:11 2004
Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes (JAM) (Puppet Jam) HSR vs. TMBG. 1:14 2004
Puppet Time (PUP) (Puppet Time) Homestar "borrows" stuff from Strong Bad. 1:11 2004
Everybody Knows It (EKI) (Everybody Knows It) Puppet Homestar sings. 1:02 2003

Holiday Toons

Name Channel ID Description Length Year
Happy Fireworks (BAM) (The sound fireworks make) Strong Bad ruins Christmas. Wait, what? 1:30 2005
Senorial Day (SNR) (Senorial Day) Senor Cardgage and Bubs face off! 2:50 2005 PAY PLUS! (FUL) (Misspelling of "Fool") The website finally comes to its senses. 0:00 2005
Homestar Presents: Presents (GBO) (Grabbo-Arm) Homestar forgets to go Decemberween shopping. 4:20 2004
Snowglobe (DSH) (Rather Dashing) Happy Decemberween from Videlectrix. 1:00 2004
Halloween Fairstival (HIC) (Hiccups) The Cheat can't ditch the hiccups. 6:05 2004
That A Ghost (OLD) (As in, an old cartoon) Homestar looks for a ghost. 4:00 1937 (actually 2004)
Decemberween In July (DIJ) (Decemberween In July) Several stocking stuffers. 0:00 2004
Under Construction (APR) (April Fools) Stinkoman saves April Fool. 1:47 2004
3 Times Halloween Funjob (JOB) (3 Times Halloween Funjob) Marzipan contacts the dead. 6:00 2003
Fan Costume Commentary (FAN) (Fan Costume Commentary) SB rags on his loyal fans. 2:28 2003
Malloween Commercial (MAL) (Malloween Commercial) Marshie goes off the deep end. 1:40 2003
Superbowl Dealie (SUP) (Superbowl Dealie) Football makes a good excuse. 0:39 2003
A Decemberween Pageant (PAG) (A Decemberween Pageant) The gang puts on a weird play. 4:23 2002
Pumpkin Carve-nival (CRV) (Pumpkin Carve-nival) Everybody carves pumpkins. 5:32 2002
The Best Decemberween Ever (XMS) (X-mas, abbreviation for Christmas) Homestar gives gifts. 4:43 2001
Some Stupid Turkey (TKY) (Some Stupid Turkey) Strong Bad gives thanks. 0:39 2001
The House that Gave Sucky Treats (SUK) (The House that Gave Sucky Treats) Trick/Treat. 4:00 2001
A Mother's Day Message (MOM) (As in Mother's Day) Strong Bad loses a bet. 1:29 2001
A Holiday Greeting (OHO) (Oh Holy Crap) Strong Bad offends everybody. 1:38 2000
Homestarloween Party (HWN) (Homestarloween Party) Costume Party!!. 5:04 2000


Special Cartoons

Other toons not featured on the toon menu.

Intros Early Flash Books Other Not On The Site
Intro First Flash Original Book First Time Here? Where the Crap Are We?
Intro 2 Isle of Pom Where My Hat Is At? King of Town Email
Flag Intro Second Flash Super NES
Halloween Intro
King of Town Intro
Old Intro
Old Intro 2

Cartoons that Left

Toons taken off the site for unknown reasons.

DVD-Exclusive Toons

Toons and videos exclusive to the strongbad_email.exe DVD set. (Note: for a list of DVD-exclusive emails, please check the Strong Bad Email section.)

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