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Time for Trivia
Early sketches

Trivia Time was going to be Pom Pom's dog. Although there are some concept sketches in the Museum sketchbook, he's never appeared directly in a Homestar cartoon, presumably because The Brothers Chaps couldn't make a good enough design. A reference to Trivia Time is made in Pom Pom, Too; a bowl with the words "Trivia Time" falls from the sky and the words "[Pom Pom] feeds his dog... everyday," above and below it.

A cookie jar with his likeness is in a few toons, usually in Marzipan's kitchen. In the email pet show, Pom Pom enters the Trivia Time cookie jar in the Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show, as if it were a real dog. However, they lose because Trivia Time scores only 3.5 points, which is a good GPA, but a terrible pet show score.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Cookie Jar Appearances

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