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watch Happy Dethemberween Homestarloween Party
We apparently ruined this is what we get.

Strong Bad honors the fifth birthday of that famous dragon... only it's not what you may expect.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The S Is For Sucks Dragon, Trogdor, Coach Z (Easter egg), Wormdingler (Easter egg)

Places: Smoky Office, Locker Room (Easter egg)

Date: Monday, January 14, 2008

Running Time: 2:15

Page Title: Brought to you by Le Restige!



{Open on a shot of Strong Bad sitting near the window in the Smoky Office on Le Restige. He is reading a book that reads "Things I'm About To Say"}

STRONG BAD: Hi folks. {he closes the book} I'm fantastic Strong Bad with an important seeming message. Five years ago, I drew a little dragon. It wasn't much to look at, but he captured the hearts and minds of dozens, nay, severals of internet viewers. I'm, of course, talking about none other than {cut to a sheet of notebook paper} The "S is for Sucks" dragon!!

STRONG BAD: {singing} A long time ago
Before things got weird
Came a Dragon, a mighty dragon
that Everybody Feared
Now, G is for Giraffe
And H for Halloween
But, I'm not Joking about
This Kill-ill-Ling
Machine, Na-na-na-na
{as if through a bullhorn} Na-na-na-na
Oh, pants will keep on Peein'
And we'll raise Quite a Ruckus
In case you haven't guessed by now
The S is for Suckus

The S is for Sucks
The S is for Sucks
The S is for Sucks
The S is for Sucks!

The S is for Sucks
The S is for Sucks
The S is for Sucks
The S is for Sucks!

T! Two beefy arms!
U! Uneven style!
V! Constabulate V's!
W! What a pile!
Xcuse me Mr. Trogdor
You've run out of luck
In case you haven't heard the news
Zee S is for Sucks

Zee S is for Sucks
Zee S is for Sucks
Zee S is for Sucks
Oh, Zee S is for Sucks!

Zee S is for Sucks
Zee S is for Sucks
Zee S is for Sucks
Croissant! Zee S is for Sucks!

STRONG BAD: {cut back to Smoky Office} Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinkin'. "What about Trogdor?" You internet types ruined Trogdor! Just like you did zombies, pirates, ninjas and Strong Bad! Er, wait, no. Yeah! And personally, I preferred that children's alphabet song to Trogdor's heavy metal song any day. {Trogdor's snout appears behind the blinds outside the window and Trogdor roars.} Waugh! Yes, sir! Sorry, sir! Right away, sir!

STRONG BAD: {singing in speed metal style} The S is for Sucks, the S is for Sucks!
The S is for Sucks, the S is for Sucks!
The S is for Sucks, the S is for Sucks!
The S is for Sucks, the S is for Sucks!

{cut to an illustration of the S is for Sucks dragon with a caption "HAPPY TROGDAY S is for SUCKS DRAGON!!"}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on The S Is For Sucks dragon's head to see a scene with Coach Z and his attempt at drawing a dragon (or "Wormdingler") in the locker room:
COACH Z: {looking fatigued} Hi there, Wormdingler, I got youse this cupcake {holds up a cupcake} for your famous fifth birthday. You don't need no consummate V's to be my bride. Oh, did I just say that out loud? {he looks around repeatedly}

Fun Facts


  • Strong Bad's comment about how the Internet ruined zombies, pirates, and ninjas refers to various Internet memes that have been popular over the years.
  • "Constabulate" refers to a constable, one name for a Bobby (British police officer), emphasized by the "S is for Sucks Dragon" wearing a British police helmet.



  • Strong Bad sings a song with na-nas as lyrics, which were listed as no. 2 on his Bottom 10.
  • In the Easter Egg, Coach Z's arms appear to be animated differently than they have been in previous toons, they appear to be drawn as a whole, instead of two seperate pieces that are manipulated. Bubs's arms saw a similar update in animation style in nightlife.
  • Between the opening scene and the last Strong Bad scene, the background behind the window changes from a light gray to a pale blue.

Inside References

  • The entire toon and all the dragons featured in it are a reference to the email dragon, as well as to the Trogday holiday.
  • The page title makes a reference to Strong Bad's replacement email-checking chair, Le Restige, from the chair, which is also the chair that Strong Bad sits on at the beginning.
  • The music in the beginning was first heard in portrait.
  • This toon includes mentions of pants, peeing, style, and croissants.
  • Strong Bad uses a faux French accent and wears a beret and a mustache.
  • Strong Bad saying "Yes sir, sorry sir, right away sir" to Trogdor is very similar to when Homestar said the same thing to Pom Pom in from work.
  • The newspaper headline reads "top mark b/w long V".
  • Strong Bad saying "I'm fantastic Strong Bad" is similar to "I'm regular Strong Bad" from unnatural.
  • The ghost representing Halloween is the same style as the ghost seen in space program.

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