Trogdor!! The Board Game Rulebook EP

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"We hope you guys enjoy these dumb songs!"

Trogdor!! The Board Game Rulebook EP is an album of twelve songs performed by various Homestar Runner characters for Trogdor!! The Board Game. Each song is roughly one to two minutes long, and briefly summarize the rules for playing the game, from the actions that can be performed on each turn to the movement behaviors of the peasants and knights. The album was revealed in a Kickstarter update on April 15, 2019, and is hosted on the official Homestar Runner website with its songs made free to download individually. The Kickstarter update states that videos may be made eventually, and the songs will eventually be added to the Trogdor!! Soundboard.


Track Listing


Quickstart Overview

STRONG BAD: {singing}
This is the quickstart overview
I'ma tell you all the things that you're supposed to do
The facts are many, the details are few
So come on and listen to my overvieeew!

Now Trogdor is a game that's cooperative
You can play it by yourself or with your stepmom's kids
And if you wanna find out what the object is
Just remember all the awesome stuff that Trogdor did!

Number one!
Burninate the countryside!
Flip all the tiles to the side that's fried!
Number two!
Burninate the peasants!
Clear the board of the presence
Of these persons, in order to defeat 'em
You can eat 'em or burn 'em!
That'll learn 'em!
Number three!
The thatched-roof cottages!
There's only three of these but the problem is
You gotta inundate these domiciles with burnination
Before you can incinerate them from creation

That sounds easy... for Trogdor anyways
So what's to stop his beefy arm from winnin' the game?
You got the knights, the archers, and the Troghammer
Wanna steal all the peasants from your Trog-Meter

And undo all your hard-earned burnination
Fixing tiles and roofs of peasant habitation
And if they hit you when you're all outta energy,
Just watch what happens when Trogdor gets angry!

I'm talkin' rage quits... table flips...
Takes his toys and splits

This is the quickstart overview
I'ma tell you all the things that you're supposed to do
The facts are many, the details are few
So come on and listen to my overvieeew!

Ohh, the overview!
It's like the view from above!
Where you can see everything in...
Uh... broad strokes.

The Actions You Can Do

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing out of key and rhythm}
These are the actions that you can do
On your turn when you're playing the board game, Trogdor!!
The Board Game. You can move or chomp or
Hide or burrow or even burninate!

{speaking} Hey, that was great! It was super catchy! Everyone's gonna remember this one! Again!

{continues singing}
These are the things that you can do
When you go into your house and inside your house
You have a couple friends and maybe a snack
And then play a board game, called Trogdor!! The Board Game
And these are the actions that you can do, they are
Move and chomp and hide and burrow and burninate!

{speaking} What'd I tell ya? Super catchy!

Super catchy!

Never forget!

Keepers of Trogdor

The Wraparound

Surround the Cottages

Peasant Spawning (is Confusion)

When The Knight Moves Thru Ya

The Archer

Don't Forget to Recharge

The Troghammer

Forget the Rules

Trogdor's Fiery Rage

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Fun Facts

  • This album marks the first song ever heard by Bigg Nife.
  • "The Wraparound" was previously posted in the February 21, 2019 Kickstarter update, and "Quickstart Overview" was posted in the Kickstarter update that revealed the album.

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