Trogdor's 3D-Ungeon

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Bigger and badder than ever!

Trogdor's 3D-Ungeon is a game in 8-Bit is Enough accessed by clicking TROGDOR! in the Videlectrix mainframe or the Trogdor arcade machine in The Field, whilst in extended play.

In the game, the player controls ULTIMATE TROGDOR!!!. The objective is to burninate as many peasants as possible. Occasionally Strong Bad will charge in the form he takes in the final boss battle. He can be repelled with fire breath, but if he's allowed to reach Trogdor, Strong Bad will stab him with the Trogsword, killing Trogdor and ending the game.

Strong Bad appears to be a great fan of the game, possibly because he's in it. When Strong Bad first plays the game, he describes it as, "All right! It's Trogdor! Bigger and badder than ever!" And even when he loses, he exclaims, "Awe-some!"


The description on the Telltale games website says, "You can get to this game by jumping into the Trogdor game in the Videlectrix Mainframe, or by using the arcade machine in the exterior area; both must be done during extended play. You'll be faced with a top-down view of Ultimate Trogdor, and peasants will begin to appear randomly on the four pedestals that are located on each side of the dragon. Burninate them by clicking on them as they appear, and you'll get points. To maximize your awesomeness in this game, you'll need to score 10,000 points or more. To score more effectively, burninate the peasants without missing (breathing fire on an empty pedestal) and you'll get a multiplier on your score which can add up to 10 times more value per burnination. As the levels progress, Ultimate Strong Bad will start to appear as your accuracy goes down, and will slay you unless you burninate him before he gets close enough to strike you with the Trogsword."

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