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Sometimes the various characters use unusual greetings. They bear slight resemblance to conventional greetings, usually with just a different spelling.



Weclome ladies/girls
Homestar weclomes trick-or-treaters

Weclome is a word which has appeared a few times in the Homestar Runner body of work. Its first appearance was in 2 emails, when the welcome banner for the Ladies' Choice Awards was misspelled as "weclome".

This misspelling later appears in Malloween Commercial, on Homestar Runner's doormat.

In an episode of G4TechTV's "Pulse," they interviewed the Videlectrix CEO (Matt Chapman in disguise), who greeted them with a hearty "Weclome!"

The toon Weclome Back is titled with this misspelling.

It is said out loud for the first time in the fourth Skills of an Artist video from @StrongBadActual, in which Strong Bad greets the viewers this way.


Helscome was first used on Homestar Runner's Website.

Later, on the DVD commentary for Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True, "helscome" is used again by Matt Chapman, in reference to the above. The word is used again in an Easter egg in Flash is Dead! referencing Homestar's Website.


Haldo was first used in Peasant's Quest, in which Mendelev has Rather Dashing tell Dongolev "haldo". It was also featured in the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer.

Haldo was later used on Quote of the Week. If there is a problem finding the weeklies.xml file, the text (which has no sound) is Homestar Runner saying:

"Oh Haldo! This is my
funniest word style
ever times that I've
said! Hope all is on
to it even more
lately! And I wish the
chicken & msg place
was open on



In alternate universe, Vector Strong Bad greets Strong Bad with "HELLOTE". Given Vector Strong Bad's nature, this is probably an instance of Engrish.

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