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Hmm... I guess I haven't been gone all that much have I? School doesn't affect my wiki-time, as it turns out. So... now I have nothing to say. Have a nice life.



"That'll be ten dollars!"

Hey everybloody! (I tend to use that a lot unintentionally.) I'm Acam! 30! From school!
I found out about the Homestar Runner website back in 2005, and then I only watched TGS. I started checking updates weekly in May of 2007. And I probably found the wiki in July 2007. I like Nintendo and Monty Python and Avatar and the color pink and piano and Guitar Hero and when people point out my typos so I can fix them. Oh, and I'm in highschool and that's all you need to know about that. So... look around. Most likely, you won't be pleasantly surprised.

"All your base are belong to us!"

Don't you die on me Bennedetto!

I rarely know what you're talking about.

What everyone on the wiki should want:

(Don't make fun of my bad spanish, okay?)
Me (7:52:06 PM): Hola! Yo estoy bien hoy! Y tu? Estas mal porque todos los commentos negitivitos en sbemail 200?
ladeezluvlarry71 (7:54:46 PM): No supe que hay muchos commentos negativitos...
Me (7:55:03 PM): Hmm... que significa "supe"?
ladeezluvlarry71 (7:56:13 PM): En ingles, "supe" es "I knew", asi "no supe" es "I didn't know".
Me (7:57:51 PM): Yo entiendo! Gracias para el informacion.
ladeezluvlarry71 (7:58:00 PM): De nada.
Me (7:58:09 PM): ...entiendo significa "understand", verdad?
ladeezluvlarry71 (7:58:24 PM): Si.
Me (7:58:30 PM): Bien. Gracias.

A buncha fweakin' userboxes.

User Userboxes

Homsar Quotes

"AaAaAaI'm a trendy tote bag!"

"Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!"

"Thank yooooou."

"AaAaAaAaAaAaA! Hey Reggie! Is that rhinoceros around?"

"I'm a touchy feely-holic!"

The greatest page on the wiki.



Toon: Bug in Mouth Disease
Short: One Two, One Two
Strong Bad Email: narrator
Teen Girl Squad: Teen Girl Squad Issue 7
Marzipan's Answering Machine: They're all the same to me. Not my favorite part of the site.
Powered by the Cheat: Rap Song
Puppet Stuff: None.
Holiday Toon: Let us give TANKS!
Game: Where's an Egg?
Character: Homsar
Main Page: Homsar Main Page (and Main Page 7)

Bestest sbemails

(In no particular order)
bottom 10
long pants
for kids
kid's book
local news

Plus many more but I'm too lazy to type them all now...

I'm going to eat your children.


Naruto Shippuuden
Monty Python
My iPod
Wii (16 games)
Gamecube (30 games)
DS (14 DS games, 7 GBA games, 2 Gameboy Color games)
My most of me

Whoa, The Cheat! I can't believe what cool boots you have on!

Some People

I now choose to recite a list.

User Reason
OptimisticFool He made my sig for me.
— Defender1031*Talk Bestest BESTEST BESTEST person on the wiki. Not that I prefer him to anyone else... xD
Geoblu2 Was nice to me and gave me a userbox in the very VERY beginning.
The Knights Who Say Ni His favorite Chapman is Graham. The username by itself is just amazing.
Qermaq - (T/C) Image:Qermaqsigpic.png His favorite Chapman is Graham.
Homestar-Winner (talk) 'Cause he's just cool.
DorianGray A pretty cool person that calls me Yaycam for whatever reason.
TheYellowDart(t/c) He blames Luigi for SBCG4AP being delayed. Also, he thinks I'm probably good at life and his user page is BRO-AWESOME.
Pacoman He gave me a sub cup of brunswick stew and thinks the picture of Homsar in my sig is cool.
Bluebry He's a real, funy guy, who is apparently REALLY looking forward to the release of the DSi.
››› rly2cheat Likes The Cheat.
Rpm_1337 Likes old Cartoon Netowrk cartoons and the Twilight series and talks to me on the IRC.
TheDenzelTheDenzelsiglogo.gif Funny dude. Finished SBCG4AP.
Heimstern Läufer AHH I can't believe I left out Heimi for so long! He's awesome despite the fact he's a teacher. Everybloody should love this guy.

Random Musings

November 4
*smiles smugly* I just saw a christmas commericial on the telly... Proving that I am not, in fact, crazy. (P.S. GO MCCAIN!)

November 1
Since you juys probably don't know, I am a christmas freak. Seriously. Decemberween rolls around, and I just freak out. I mean, I started singing christmas carols about 2 months ago. So have a happy start of the christmas season! And if anyone gets bored and feels like making me a christmas sig, you can suggest one on my talk page. I would like that. :^D (Yay! I can start using my little snowman smiley face again!)

October 21
Acam30 is glad she has wiki friends, however creepy they may be. (DEFFY THAT MEANS YOU.) And I feel like typing so... I lost my retainer and my parents got real angry. And I didn't notice that "welcome" was spelled "Weclome" on Weclome Back until about mid-July this year. And I like Spanish because I'm good at memorization and I can sort of play piano. Wow that tired me out... I gotta go take a nap. :^) (little snowman guy)

October 20
Whoa... this new layout is gonna take a while to get used to.

October 7
W00t for checking up on the wiki from the school's computer! How cool am I?

September 27 (or 7 minutes until September 28)
Oh... the paper got burned, didn't it. Again. Haha... ha... I didn't notice.

September 27
I'm not going to comment on sbemail 200, because I would hate to have to say anything bad about TBC or the website in general, so I'll just ask one question: Is the paper coming back?

September 23
I STILL haven't played Strongbadia The Free and I can't watch sbemail 200 and I have too much homework and stupid people are being obsessed with homecoming and I miss the IRC. *sigh...*

September 22
I still haven't played Strong Badia the Free. And I'm going insane waiting for sbemail 200. And 14-year-old guys are total idiots. And I still have a good 2 hours of homework left to do because I procrastinated. And I need to go eat chocolate and caramel ice cream now to dull the pain. (And I take back what I said about liking high school.)

September 15
I missed it didn't I... I completely forgot that it came out today...

September 12
I like high school.

August 26
Oh my groodness... I'm boycotting the other users on YouTube. Why, just because can play TTFAF on expert in GH3, does everyone have to automatically accuse them of cheating somehow? If they really wanted total strangers to think they were that good at Guitar Hero, then that's there own self esteem problem. GAWD!

August 13
My favorite (and the most unexpected) part of Homestar Ruiner: Strong Mad saying "MR. DARCY!"

August 11
...I'm not the only person to beat it today I assume. Despite the belief that of certain person whose name starts with D that that I am "going nuts" about SBCG4AP, other people have also beat it too, right?

August 10
So is the game coming out at midnight? Or do I have to wait for tomorrow morning?

August 8
I should start writing down whenever I make a Homestar reference in real life.... The other day I was watching the Food Network and they showed one of those popcorn poppers, and me and my sister both yelled at the same time: "BENNEDETTO!" Our parents asked us if we needed to lie down for a while.

July 28
WHY IS IT DELAYED??? AGAIN!?!?!? *shouts bad words, probably freaks out neighbors*

July 19
The people who comment on YouTube are annoying. All comment pages on websites should be like the talk pages here. It's much more interesting than stupid people with bad web grammar posting ignorant STOOPID comments.

July 13
Hallmark's already has Christmas ornaments. In the store. Like a lot of them. IN JULY. The world has a officially come to its end.

July 11
Do you see that date? JULY 11. Game, please. Or i'll bite your head off.

July 7
I would like my SBCG4AP now. >:(

June 19
I just found this totally amazing Homestar tribute on YouTube. Please check this out!
Homestar Runner Tribute

June 15
I'm getting the hang of user boxes kind of... but I need some help. How to you find the code for the backround colors? Thanks to anyone who helps!

June 6
This user is now the proud owner of the Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits CD and all of the strongbad_email.exe DVD's.

May 31
YAY! I just ordered the Strong Bad Overkill Combo! And I'm getting a Homestar's Star t-shirt because my mom wants me to wear it on fourth of July! Even though I wanted a Trogdor t-shirt... now can someone please teach me how to do the user boxes thing? I can't figure it out.

May 19
Where the heck is my weekly dose of Strong Bad? How long has it been since the last email? I mean I know that they're working on the game, but they keep making the 200th email farther and farther away! AHHHHHHH!

Funny IRC Stuff

<SammiSeldowitz> Joun: What's with the pushing-the-truck?
<SammiSeldowitz> You said it on both adventures, and there is a truck in neither.
<Joun> Push the truck.
<Joun> Push the truck.
<Joun> Push the truck.
<Joun> >:(
<Joun> My spam is beating up your spam.
<Acam30> My fist is beating up your face.
<Joun> My face is beatproof.
<Joun> And has also earned a five-star resistance rating against the 'up' variety of beatings.
<Acam30> Clearly it is not, because I am beating it with my fist right now.
<Acam30> RIGHT NOW.
<Joun> But you are not pushing the truck.

<Bluebry> it's an internet device, a phone, and a gaming system
<Bluebry> and it's going to change everything
<Acam30> lol
<Bluebry> ANYTHING
<Acam30> Cake.

<Chwoka> WHO PUT THE RAM...
<Acam30> There's no "RAM" in that...
<Chwoka> no you see
<Chwoka> it's witty
<Chwoka> it's the nickname for a custom-built computer
<Chwoka> if i ever have one
<Chwoka> It'll be called
<Chwoka> and there will be RAM inside
<Acam30> wow.
<Acam30> you totally lost me.

<ThatGuyOverThere> Here's how you make friends...
<ThatGuyOverThere> 1. Walk up to random classmate.
<ThatGuyOverThere> 2. Punch random classmate in face.
<Acam30> ...and?
<ThatGuyOverThere> You'll be the talk of the town.

<SMB|Gone> I hath chips.
<Acam30>'re not gone.
<SMB|Gone> Acam30: I'm very in and out
<Acam30> Are we allowed to make that's what she said jokes?
<Rpm1337> sure acam, why not.
<Acam30> lol That's what he said SMB!
<Rpm1337> ROTFLOL.

*** HomestarWinner is now known as DeFender1031
<Heimstern> You can't fool me! It's the Sabbath! Ain't no Deffy on the Sabbath.
*** DeFender1031 is now known as HomestarWinner
<HomestarWinner> Sabbath is Friday?
<Heimstern> Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset.
<Heimstern> So mostly Saturday.
<HomestarWinner> I never noticed. I miss him.
<Acam30> Awww. Do you want a tissue?
<HomestarWinner> Yes. Yes I do
* Acam30 gives HomestarWinner a tissue.
<HomestarWinner> *sniff*
<HomestarWinner> I never got to tell him how I really felt about him.

<TheBluefox> WHATTYA GET?
<RPM_1337> crap from an egg?

<Acam30> Hangman!
<Acam30> _ _ _ _ _ _
<Bluebry> Angola
<Acam30> not really
<TheDenzel> A!
<Acam30> No!
<Bluebry> Rwanda
<Acam30> no
<Bluebry> Uganda
<TheDenzel> E!
<Bluebry> Zambia
<Acam30> _ _ _ _ _ E
<Bluebry> Wait, is this regular hangman or African nations hangman?

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