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Hello I'm Austio888888 or just Austio for short. So check out my Userboxes to see more info on me. I've been here awhile and know a lot about H*R Wiki. So if you have any questions or just want to say something to me go here.Also I love Strong Bad because of his hilarious attitude.

How I Came To Love H*R

I believe I came across when a young friend of mine came over with some funny dvds he called them. Those dvd's were Everything Else 1 and all four sbemail dvds. After watching First Time Here? I wondered if the website actually existed and wouldn't you know it did. Then, after watching every episode at least twice I looked on wikipedia and found HR Wiki thus bringing me here.


You can see all my Contribs right HERE

My Usernames

I've had many other usernames on a lot of different websites those names are.

  1. Flamer8965 origin- neopets (I was 9)
  2. Austio888888 origin- runescape (I was 10)
  3. DarkcloudClock origin- newgrounds (I was 10)

So if you see any of these names on any websites It's probably me.


  • I havn't been to neopets, runescape, or newgrounds since the beginning of July 206, but neopets was about a year before that.
  • awhile ago my user name used to be Flamer8965 and I just recently changed it to Austio888888 because I just found out flamer means gay.

H*R Personality Test

I took an H*R personality test and below are the results, but some of it's not true (example: I don't think everyone is "crap for brains"). The quiz I took is right here. And when you take the test it will show a different picture I just edited the image to make it work on the wiki. HRQuiz.jpg

My Sbemail

Check out the email I sent Strong Bad this week.

(I send a new one every Sunday)

Stuff I Like Other Than H*R

I like other things other than H*R and these things are...

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