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this is what i would look like with a hat, no arms, blue soles, but no shoes or pants, and an underbite type thing.



goodbye everybloody

Click here and be sure to send that to all your friends. :)


Also a registered user at the 3dmm community under the name "Stroggdor" which was changed from "Barton Almighty."

Here is an atempt to put Homestar Runner into 3dmm. Not a very good one though. :(

discovery of h*r

I discovered through Stumble Upon. It was when they had a demo for each category. The first toon i watched was Folky Tale which didn't have Homestar Runner in it so i thought Strong Sad was the main character. Then I watched Cool Things. I thought Homestar Runner was a snowman... or maybe a popsicle. Anyway Homestar Runner is the best show type thing ever. I think it'd be cool to have my own site like this.


You know the fanstuff/qotw heavy metal stinkoman thing? I was working on heavy metal cover of the stinkoman song!!! Mine would've been alot better at least guitar-wise, my drums would have to be sampled but they would probably be okay. The problem is that the computer I was using to record it died and i already had the drums and bass parts done and the music tracker i was using for the drums isn't on the comuter I'm currently using. :( I guess I could send in my remix of the one-two song but I'd imagine since they made the "mix Master" thing at the end they probably get tons of remixes for that song.


I can't beleive it! There's Trogdor zipup hoodies. Yeah i wear a black zip up hoodie all the time so yeah.

future store purchases

My next HSR store purchase will probably be a Trogdor zipup hoodie, but i don't have any money right now.

- β@®אַ0ح

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