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WELCOME TO ME... BASSBONE... RUNNER... I mean Bassbone.

I am a relatively new user here on the old HRWiki, though I enjoy contributing immenseley. I am currently a music major at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, CA. I live in nearby Burbank. My passions include the bass trombone and related instruments such as tenor trombone and euphonium as well as many forms of science-fiction and fantasy. The other great passion in my life is my girlfriend, without whom I'd be adrift in a sea of nothingness. I'm considered strange by my peers because I spend a lot of time reading books printed on paper instead of gossipping about The OC or some other young-adult related television show.

Current status with the ladies... I mean, the Wiki:

Hmmm... Talk about outdated. The OC doesn't exist anymore and I haven't been very active on the wiki in a while. Rest assured that I am not dead, but rather I've just been extremely busy. I'm still around every once in a while, doing a little gnome work here and there and beefing up subtitles. If you remember me, drop a comment on my talk page. Thanks. :)

My Username

The username Bassbone is not derived from any combination of a type of fish and its skeletal structure. It's a combination of "Bass" and "Trombone" thus indicating my great passion in life.

My Discovery of

I encounter at some point around the Strong Bad Email interview or huttah. I overheard a few people in band talking about "burninating" and "Trogdor" and I wondered what the crap they were talking about. Later I saw some references in comments on Livejournal. Finally someone told me to check out and I was instantly hooked. Due to my instant obsession with any fandom I encounter I spent the next several nights watching each email and toon at least twice.

My Discovery of the HRWiki

I stumbled upon an easter egg in an email and desired to know more of them. A google search for "Homestar Runner Easter Eggs" led me straight to the wiki. I've been hanging out and reading for a while. I joined the forum a while ago as "The Chekt" after secret recipes. Finally after a bunch of minor anonymous edits and impatiently waiting through the restricted times I joined the wiki proper. I am seriously enjoying being a part of the community now.

My Contributions To the Wiki

As it says in my ridiculously long userbox I enjoy Gnome Work; fixing spelling and grammatical errors and the like. If you see any such errors on my user page or talk page, feel free to correct them. I'm also a member of the Recent Changes Patrol.

Added Old-Timey version of The Stage and added links to it. I reverted some vandalism to the suudsu page. I'm proud of myself.

Reverted many Willy on Wheels-style page moves as they happened.

New Articles

I created my first article!! Yay! It'll probably get deleted, but so what?




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Thoughts on the Wiki

This is for my random thoughts on the wiki, it's operation, and anything else wiki related.

I have become eternally fascinated with the wiki concept after seriously sitting down to do some editing over the past couple days. Boy oh boy is patrolling recent changes difficult, though.

I love Firefox. Tabbed browsing makes complex editing so much more efficient.

What brings someone to vandalise a wiki, Particularly page blanks? Are they jealous because they're not able to contribute, or do the merely like to cause others pain and trouble?

NEW as of 08:24, 5 May 2006 (UTC):
As I'm happily editing the wiki I can't help but think that I'm gonna do something horribly bad to the knowledge base or something incredibly stupid and end up ruining it for everyone and/or getting banned/blocked. Anyone else have this fear? Discuss.

(There will be more here at some point)

Strong Mad's Posse

To join the posse simply put

in your userbox tower or somewhere on the user page and leave a message on my talk page.

Current members:

  1. Bassbone (Founder)
  2. Valf
  1. The thing
  2. NachoMan
  1. Stonecold5987
  1. Seriously
  1. X-Spider2

Empty Box

last updated 08:26, 5 May 2006 (UTC)

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