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I contribute sporadically. When I'm active, you'll know it. Right now I'm not, <st>but I'm quite active on the [ grand old pedia].</s> ('''Lolno I'm not''') Most of my edits are fairly large, but I do some gnome work from time to time. ''
I contribute sporadically. When I'm active, you'll know it.
Here's some stuff in a list.
Here's some stuff in a list.

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I suck less than this game.

[edit] Oh, Hello!

Here's my userpage. It's not much, but it's home.


[edit] Info

When I first heard about homestarrunner it was the Compy Era. I didn't encounter the site again until 06, when the most recent email was four branches. That's a great one. I found the wiki in '11, and have been sporadically on and off it ever since. I like physics, calculus, Dungeons and Dragons, better videogames, and Homestar Runner. My favorite animals include Cats and

[edit] Best Thing I've Ever Seen, Done, Eaten

  • Seen: The Perseid meteor shower
    • Honorable mention: Every Omni theater show ever
  • Done: One time I slogged through the snow barefoot for a mile carrying my cat because I thought the house was on fire.
    • Apparently my mom put out the fire, but it was a hilarious story
  • Eaten: Two dozen heavenly Duxbury oysters.
    • I love oysters

[edit] Bottom 10

  • 10—That tired old sci-fi trope of robots learning the meaning of love.
  • 9—Leaving a restaurant hungry
  • 8—Misanthropes. Because humanity is amazing.
  • 7—People who think they're brilliant because they espouse thoroughly discredited political theories.
  • 6—Not... pigeons. (No, really. I like pigeons. They're cute and they make funny noises.)
  • 5—4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. For the peoples who want to take the "RP" out of "RPG".
  • 4—Videogames where you have to be an asshole to get some cool item or achievement. (I'm talking to you, Bethesda)
  • 3—Non-Japanese people who are obsessed with Japanese culture (by that I mean the weird stuff, not the food or language) and have graduated from the eighth grade. They're always weirdos.
  • 2—When people talk slowly. It makes me want to gnaw my own leg off.
  • 1—Being so tired that I can't sleep.

[edit] Stuff

Ideas on articles to creat (for my own memory)

  • CF!!!
  • Gifs (containing mentions of gifs and gifs on the site)
  • Rejected computer commands
  • Homestar Runner's Fiscal Problems (or something of the sort, about his spending habits and paying twice and whatevers, with a section directing to worst buck I ever spent, i'll take 12) free money


  • something with similes
  • real imaginations? (invisibility, from work, fan club, shapeshifter, doomy tales)
  • dungeons and dragons?
  • Oh X (emer mark, twitter)
  • ety word running gag

[edit] Contributions

I contribute sporadically. When I'm active, you'll know it. Here's some stuff in a list.

[edit] Pages I made

[edit] Pages I sort of made

  • Whitey (I mentioned it should be made, Ricktommy made it. I also edited the black out of the round corners of the image in a highly convoluted way)

[edit] More Words

  • I created the template articles with missing information. Despite its majesty, my media-wiki skills (or CSS or HTML or whatever the crap this is) are quite sub-par. This template caught on way better than I expected though, which is awesome.


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