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Hey Everyperzonz. I'm Bubz. And yeah, my name does say what it means, one o' my favourite characters is that blue headed fat guy that's always selling stuff...funny stuff..heh..stuff.

ANYWAY, Uhhh, I've never really been to a wiki like this one, normally, I go on like, Wikia Wikis, but this seems to be like powered by MediaWiki directly or something.

So yeah, below you'll find some crap that you probably don't care about or some stuff you'll laugh at.

Here it is..

Yup, nearly everyone has one. A bit that has stuff about themselves. And to the people who DO have one of these, we're aware no one really cares and will probably navagate way as soon as it reads the word "Hey there" or like "I have a joke for you people" or like "get ready to see something funny, oh wait, I can't remember it". So uh, yeah, here it is.

Favourite HR Characters (in order): Strong Sad, The Cheat, Homsar, Bubs, Pom Pom, Coach Z, Homestar, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, King of Town, Marzipan. (I think that's everyone).

Favourite (non main) HR characters: The Goblin, uh.....Zombie.. Strong Bad?.

Favourite Toon: Loading Scr(w)eens!

Favourite Emails (in order; only a few): lunch special, brainrietta, funny, i love u, autobigrophy, vacation, sibbie, the chair, homsar and some kinda robot.

Favourite Games (in order): Peasant's Quest, TROGDOR!, Hallrunner, Homestar Talker, Awexome Cross, SBZONE, Dangeresque (Roomisode).

Favourite Game Characters (in order): Trogdor, Rather Dashing, Vector Strong Bad, Secret Collect, Stinkoman, Dangeresque.

Favourite songs (in order; only most favourite): We Don't Even Really Care About You, Trogdor, Movin' Very Slowly, Everybody, Everybody!, Everybody, Everybody!-Decemberween Remix, Geddup Noise (cheat's indie remix), SBEMAIL! (rock opera), Loading Screens, Chicken-Shine, Email Opera Vibrato (your friends).

Favourite Quotes (in order; only a few): "Hey Pom Pom, look over there for the reason." - Homestar Runner. | "I'M CARMEN FREAKIN' MARA- No wait..I'm ozone..from Breakin'." - Strong Bad. | "Jillion is not a real unit of measure." - Strong Sad. | "Bubbley Bubbley, Bubbley, Bubble." - Pom Pom.

Sbemail info

I sometimes send questions or like, remarks into Strong Bads overfilled (with crap) email inbox. If you see one from Alf, Scotland or like, Alf, UK, or even, Metalmanager, UK.

I also sent like a joke email a bit like the one in email thunder, here's what I said in the email.

"Dear Strong Sad,

You are awesome."

and I hope he answers it with like "WHAT?!" or like, he go shouts at SS, or something, it'll be cool. And SS IS awesome, that's not just a joke.

Nick's Name (Nicknames)

  • Bubz
  • Strong Lad
  • The Leet
  • Alfstar
  • Homzar
  • Metalmanager

Guess what still under konztruckshon.

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