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Helscome to my User Page! It's not done.

Well it's not done yet, Cuz I'm Don't Get Paid.


But on to Bweesness, I was born in a time called..." the 90's", a dark and mysterious time.

Back in 20X7, I discovered H* (oh crap! I meant DOT COM! Oh well, too late). So anyway, back in 6th Grade my friend Ian kept asking me to go to this website called At first I didn't know what he was talking about. I kept ignoring it. He kept bugging me about for two months. Back in November of that year (2007) I finally decided to shut him up and visit the site. I did... and I LOVED IT!!! I never turned back. I went to it every day for 23 months (that would be up to October 2009, I beleive)...not that I don't go to it anymore...'cause I do...a lot.

Then in June 2009 I discovered this Wiki. And well, the rest is history. Come late August 2009 I joined as a user and never ever EVER turned back.

My "What If" for September 2009 is "What If Strong Bad actually answered and Email I sent him and it wasn't DELETED?" -Ignore this ↑. September is over now.

-Pay attention to this. October has started now.

My "What If" for October 2009 is "What if I discovered in 2003?"

Well, that's all for now...or A-Well a-th-th-th-th-a-th-a-th-that's all Folks...or IT'S OVER!!!! (for now).


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