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Normal: C-Son-L Sweaters

Normal 2: C-Son-L Sweaters

Halloween: C-Son-L Sweaters

Thanksgiving: Happy T! from C-Son

Decemberween: C-Son-L Sweaters

Trogday: C-Son, the Burninator

Vamlumtimes Day: C-Son-L Sweaters

St. Patrick's Day: C-Son-L Sweaters

April Fool's Day: Κ-Σον-Λ Σϝεατερσ

Cheatday: C-Son-L Meh-ters

Erf Day: Tree-Son-L Sweaters

Easter: C-Son-L Eggs

Mother's Day: Matern-L Sweaters

Father's Day: Patern-L Sweaters

Independance Day: C-Son-L Sweaters

One-time only 10 Years Sig: C-Son 10 Years

Current: C-Son-L Sweaters

NOTE: The April Fools' Day Sig is written in the Greek Aplhabet, I even copied and pasted the now obsolite greek letter Digamma, meaning "W", from Wikipedia because there is no "W" in the greek alphabet now. If you decode it, it says exactly C-Son-L Sweaters.

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