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I've got a gold tooth. Wanna see it? Tough!
My best friends, I wish *sniff*My best friends, I wish *sniff*

== CHEATACHU72'S ZONE == Where cool people hang out! Hello Reality! And welcome to Cheatachu72's Zone! Excardon me for taking up like, half of your Lappy or Compy screen. We got lotsa stuff, like that nifty pic a The Cheat to my up a shuper shweet talk page that no one uses for some odd reason, and various crap about myself. Remember, Cheatachu72's Zone. Where my wish is your command! Where my wish is your command!



(My notices)

  • Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.
  • I'm on the welcoming commitee now! Newcomers, prepare to face your welcome-based DOOM! Brace yourself for my amazing courtesy abilities and TREMBLE! TREMBLE!
    • People I've welcomed-2 (and counting)
  • I have a new favorite song! Check it out! [1]


My name there is TheCheese because there was already a Cheatachu72. Go See ME!

About My Namesake and H-star-R Experience

Cheatachu72 is an obvious reference to The Cheat's screen name. But enough about that. Here's how I learned about (In detective voice-over) It was church. I was sitting at my seat at church, Church @ The Springs (best church ever) when, in the craziest voice in mankind came from the church's screen. Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One! And it was the infamous Let's Get Yogurt! episode. I was immediately hooked. Anyways, I asked my friend if he knew where the toon was from, and he said a website called The 1st toon I ever watched was the also infamous Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. I then watched all of the Strong Bad Emails there were at the time (mile was the new email). I can now proudly say that I have seen every toon (including easter eggs) in the H*R universe, and I keep that title by waking up extremely early on Monday morning and checking HRWiki's Updates page so I don't have to strip search for updates(Ix-nay on the detective voice-over). My H*R related dream is to get my Strong Bad Email answered.

The Thing I Do on HRWiki

  • You probably came to this page by clicking on my name in the STUFF depot. If that is your problem, you get a gold star, but if it isn't, check me out! No seriously, CHECK ME OUT. I'm all over that STUFF stuff and I'm straight-up hilarious, man. My other thing is pretty much noticing potential fun facts. I haven't had any BIG accomplishments on the Wiki, like writin' transcripts and stuff but I do a whole buncha stuff, like editing...and light globes.

Cheatachu72's Quote Or Random Thought Of The Day (or so)

  • A penny saved is a penny earned, and a penny earned (to me) is a penny spent. A penny spent means you could buy 1/25 of a gumball.

Fave Quotes

===Strong Bad=== Okay kids...

  • Okay dumb children, find the Cheat!

===Strong Sad=== So cute.

  • I don't like food anymore!

===Strong Mad=== He's got a posse?

  • DAA! (Douglas)

===Homestar=== Mustachioed?

  • I don't know what that means, but you smell like pea soup!

===The Cheat=== Go Van Buren go!

  • Meh!

===Bubs=== It's over Dangers-Q!

  • Nice trick, Liar!

===Coach Z=== A new low for the Coach

  • Freehorglinglads! (fhqhwgads)

===Pom-Pom=== That'll be 5 dollars!

  • Bubble, Bubble.

===Marzipan=== Marzipan, Marzipan!

  • Coach Z, this is nasty.

===Homsar=== The kind that are only sorta hot...

  • Caramel Corn for president, please.

===Teen Girl Squad=== SO GOOD!

  • We're ointment!

===20X6=== Pan Pan is fat!

  • Eating pudding with a spoon!

===1936=== AHH! The good ol' days!

  • Fat Dudley, were you trying to sneak a nip of hooch?

===Senor Cardgage=== No probalo!

  • Excardon Me

===KOT=== The Prince of Town

  • You can look at this X-Ray of my heart.

===The Poopsmith=== File:hasmatt.jpg n/a

===Powered By The Cheat=== Nice Boots!

  • Okay, hot soup is on my eye!

===Puppet Stuff=== You gotta work out twice a day! Don't ask me why I say it, 'cuz I already forgot!

  • You gotta work out twice a day! Don't ask me why I say it, 'cuz I already forgot!

My homeslices

Homestlice of the Week!

(If you want to be my homeslice, just put your name down)

Goblin Hammer

Homeslice Of The Week (updated Fridays)

This week's Homeslice Of The Week goes to...thyvillageidiot! I think h deserves this because without him, I wouldn't have anything to give to my Homeslice Of The Week! Combodulations!

Some awexome pix

 The toon each pic was in made me laugh.
Bonus points if, without looking through HRWiki or anything like that,
you can say where every picture came from.

Thank you helvetica.Shake that groove thing!Eh! Steve!Fat Dudsreal-life Trogdor?20X6 Trogdor?File:sbemail96.pngI swear I beat this game, man. It was so freakin' hard!Science again! I said SCIENCE again!You little brats best shut 'yer yapsKnife Fight!File:BubsID.pngI'm a trendy totebag!I don't like food anymore!Looks like we're gonna hafta jump!Print, Chew, Crumple, Repeat. I LOVE YOU TONY STONY! NO I LOVE YOU MORE!I won't watch you die, Dangeresque!Searg-g-ent Marshie reporting for duty, sir!Mushy?Todaybor day is Labor Dabor!The Cheat is a millionaire! File:goatface true.jpgYeow! Hot Mama! Yeow! Hot bees!All the zaniness of a clown with the warmth of a hot dog!Everybody! La-dee-la-dee-doh!Ok, hot soup is on my eye!Please, no applause! Just throw money!

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