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Hello and welcome to my "not-so-spooky-as-that-crap-that's-on-the-Poopsmith's-gloves" page. Here I talk about myself and others. But mostly, it'll include some things I've figured out or my favorite toons (links included).
Currently my favorite Halloween Toon is: Jibblies 2
Currently My Favorite Decemberween Toon is: Happy Dethemberween

Image:DECEMBERWEENthnikkaman.PNG Awesome Cartoon

I Just realized that Homestar Runner's voice is very simular to that of Elmer Fudd! Trouble with R's...... I think that might be something that should go into the Homestar Runner discription.

I also have taken into notice radio and bottom 10, here's what I've noticed:

RADIO: STRONG BAD: {typing} Oh, no need to bow, Fraser. G-Get up. {reverently} Rise, my son. And giveth me instead, $7.50 with which to buy some buffalo chicken tenders.

BOTTOM TEN: HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, no. Not my Bottom 10. My bottom! You know, {turns around and starts doing a buttdance, singing} buttdance again, like the rhythm's down your pants now!

{Homestar stops and turns around again, looking on in confusion as Strong Bad begins to make vomiting noises. Cut to the Lappy, which has the Bottom 10 displayed, where Strong Bad then vomits onto his keyboard, off camera.}

STRONG BAD: Oooh. Ugh. {weakly} And the Number One item on Strong Bad's Bottom 10 is... Th {typing} cleaning up your own puke off the keyboard. {clears the screen} Simone, that'll be $7.50. And bring some paper towels. Eww. And some tweezers. I think I see a Fluffy Puff Nibblin in there.

This here leads me to believe that strong bad (In bottom ten) threw up his buffalo chicken tenders.

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