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Hey! I'll add userboxes later :)

Eguy gave me this! His name is Bobby.



My Gnome Work

I do some gnome work.

  • Warn vandals.
  • Revert vandalism. (sometimes)

How I found Homestar Runner

One day, my friend show me Where the Crap Are We?. Then I saw First Time Here? and found sbmails. I saw the latest one, underlings and cracked up. Then I started watching older emails like Tandy era. Tandy wasn't so funny, but Compy was really funny. And thats how I found Homestar Runner.

How I found the wiki

Kinda like how I found Homestar Runner. My friend showed me the wiki artical on Where the Crap Are We? I realized there where easter eggs so I clicked it on the easter eggs on the navigation. Then I tried the eater egg and the Twinkie easter egg cracked me up. Then I saw sbmails thinking they had easter eggs. They did! Well thats my story.

Current Contests

SIG CONTEST! Hasn't ended.


.Johnny Jupiter! talk cont

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