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Hello. I am Cupetsrus, if you have not noticed. Feel free to write comments on any of the topics.



[edit] Me

I am cutepetsrus. You're probably wondering about my name.

Well, I'm not gonna tell you! You're just have to come up with something on your own and put it on my talk page because I'll always up for a nice healthy debate.

Name: Jocelyn

Location Free Country, USA

Hobbies: Playing flute Composing Surfing the internet Hanging with friends Running

TV shows: Smallville House Numbers Becker Matlock Law and Order

Things to do on my PC: Nancy Drew games from Her Interactive (they are the best) Myst Photoshop

Things I Retired From: Neopets Piano Watching too much TV

Things I wish I could do more of: Computer programming Practicing my flute Playing with my dog Running (it's so hot) Playing outside (" ")

Things I wish I could do less of: Playing on the computer Telling my dog to quit barking Chores!

[edit] What I do on this site

Some folk say I do Gnome work.

Mainly, I use it to check for updates. For some reason, takes a while to really be updated. Like, three days after the e-mail came out it will finally say "strongbad e-mail" so... this site is less... sticky in my browser cache.

I am totally in love with TBC and their work, so I like reading all the stuff people dug up about them.... but I'm really not like the groupie type. I just think they're totally awesome for what they are doing.

I also help if I see something that somebody overlooked (which is not a lot, you guys do great on this site) i'll make a comment, and if someone agrees I'll add it.

[edit] Quiz Results



[edit] Misc?

What else what else what else.... OH! I'm always open for a conversation, so you can just talk to me 'bout whatever.

Hmm... my hobbies? Usually, you'll catch me playing my flute, surfing the web, composing, or doing weird stuff with my sister. Once we made a castle!

[edit] Homestar Runner- Photoshopped!

Here are some of my latest (and only) photoshopped homestar pictures.

Image:EverybodyinHand.jpg Image:dogfour.jpg

Yep, that's my dog.

[edit] Users I Welcomed

I just joined, so I haven't gotten to many people.

  • Euromillion
  • Anarchemitis
  • Bellta
  • Gamesfreak22
  • Shaheen
  • TheStick
  • Icebox cyclepath
  • ChozoDeity
  • Mathiastck

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