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== Da editor is still cool ==
"club techno chocolate?"

heres a cool thing on DJ teh cheat

DJ teh cheat is The Cheat's nickname when he is DJing. He appears to make some money out of his music skills because it was revealed in the Strong bad Emailmarzipan that he has clients (namely marzipanwith her hit single oh yeah yeah which is now availible on Strong bad sings and other type hitshe has made a cd called his indie tronic remix the [1] geddup noise and made a record with the king of town with his not talkin about butter remix. He's also a master of many instruments; he plays the piano and keyboard (from Everybody Knows It, sibbie, and Strong Bad Sings, and referenced in guitar, the drums in the toon Cool Things and It's Like It Was Meant to Be, guitar, It's Like It Was Meant to Be


The geddup noise

Marzipans Answering Machine Version 13.2

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