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soup guys. I'll come here from time to time. Whenever you least expect it. Comin' atcha like a train like a buzzard like a beam of light. I will occasionally edit here, but I'm mostly on Fanstuff, but also on the IRC channel for the wiki. Now with uppercase I's! And excuse my extra U's.


[edit] soup guys (People who I say that to)

User Eh.
Fendem'n I stole this table from him. He comes first. A.K.A. "Creepy Uncle Dan".
SysRq868 The population of Finland. Refuses to admit I'm not British.
Couch Fetish See left.
DorianGary I've yet to notice his name.
Lapper Taught me geometry or something.
Everyone from Fanstuff They're more imaginative!

[edit] Fanstuff

Yes, I'm on Fanstuff. Check me out! No seiously, Check me out here: [1]

[edit] Stuff That Ain't Exist

  • Mike
  • A "webbies"
  • That one quote

mor 2 come

[edit] Funniest Quote I Have at My Disposal

	<Albinoshaur>	But who will entertain the ants?
	<Albinoshaur>	They need their creepy uncle Dan.
	<DeFender1031>	they can entertain themselves
	<DeFender1031>	i'll leave a few cheerios out for them
	<Albinoshaur>	The most fun of cereals.
	<Albinoshaur>	Except that one with the fuzzy man.
	<DeFender1031>	naw, rice crispies are the most fun
	<DeFender1031>	they can tell you to do stuff
	<Albinoshaur>	Um
	<DeFender1031>	and you must obey
	<Albinoshaur>	Ee
	<DeFender1031>	they talk you know
	<Albinoshaur>	Er
	<DeFender1031>	if you don't obey, terrible things happen
	<Albinoshaur>	Og
	<DeFender1031>	i really do need to get out more
	<Albinoshaur>	For the good of mankind.
	<Albinoshaur>	Ahem
	<Albinoshaur>	*quoted*

[edit] My Fanfiction for a Book I Actually Read

Twilight 4: The Depth Within

Twilight burst through the Twilight. "Shoot, Twilight, we don't have enough segments to rebuild the nucleus!" Screamed Arnold, Twilight's blind sidekick.

"Well, we'll just have to make pretty huge weapons, eh?" said Twilight.

"I hope we'll get out okay!" responded Arnold, Twilight's blind sidekick.

Twilight and Arnold, Twilight's blind sidekick, left the catastrophy for another day. On their way, they purchased a Seeing Eye Dog for Arnold, Twilight's blind sidekick.

"You'd better name it before the nucleus determines." Said Twilight.

"I will dub him Sammy Davis, Jr, Jr, Jr." Said Arnold, Twilight's blind sidekick.

"But my name is Rafferty, master." Said Sammy Davis, Jr, Jr, Jr, to Arnold, Twilight's blind sidekick.

"Quiet, before the nucleus determines." Said Arnold, Twilight's blind sidekick.

The four magicians left. They had mere minutes.

"Don't worry, my fellow humans." Said Twilight.

"Wha' 'bout me?" Said Sammy Davis, Jr, Jr, Jr.

"You will worry for the rest of us." Said Twilight.

The nucleus then determined.

The end.
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